Thank you for adding that Halloween weekly challenge

That was great fun to do. Having the radio come through the headset was a nice cherry on top.

If you haven’t done it already, you really should try it. Great fun.


Seconded. Great theme based activity.

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was fun being #12 in the world for a few minutes, that didn’t last long at all :slight_smile:


It was spooky and the view was spectacular!

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Indeed, thank you. Someone took the time and effort to make this, and it is much appreciated.

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Yeah I was pleasantly surprised. I thought it was just a landing challenge in the dark with some lightning but there were some more small nice details. I really enjoyed it

Came to the forums specifically to give my thanks to Asobo / Microsoft for this surprise treat. A nice and generous touch. I love it! I sure hope this is here to stay and won’t be removed sometime in the future…could see this being an annual nostalgic treat!

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Here, here. That was a fun and apropos landing challenge. Very well done and a nice surprise for Halloween. Can’t wait for the North Pole / Santa’s Workshop landing challenge at Christmas! :grinning:

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