Thank You MS & Asobo

Figured I’d put my two cents into the mix.

Firstly, a massive thank you to Microsoft, Asobo and all of the collaborators who made this colossal effort possible. The sim is gorgeous, leagues ahead of competitors in terms of graphical fidelity, terrain mesh, auto gen, and hand crafted areas. I hadn’t been so excited for a launch in YEARS prior to August 17th (or 18th).

Being able to almost flawlessly fly with friends in formation, seeing other players flying around the world, and the built in planning phase are just some of the features that keep me wanting to fly MSFS every day. It’s really SO much fun hopping in Discord with some buds and flying around, exploring the scenery and taking it all in.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some awesome aviation loving friends from the MSFS discord and we fly together all the time now - something I’ve never really experienced prior. This community has been such a pleasant change from others.

The platform MSFS is going to offer to content creators is a game changer to me, the integrated content download system is fantastic - no more messing around with so many different files and programs just to get half decent mesh and satellite data implemented! I’m super excited for what MS, Asobo and third parties have in stock- it’s going to take a lot of convincing the wife to let me get even a quarter of what’s coming up.

Weather looks so gorgeous; rain streaming past the windows, cloud formations, turbulence all looks and feels very immersive. The sounds are incredible and very accurate for the aircraft available. Ambient sounds when parked near streams of water or in forested areas just add that extra level of immersion. Most of the default aircraft have been a pleasure to fly. Sure, a lot of them need some tweaking but I’ll happily fly around in the current build and wait patiently for updates to come.

All in all, I’m very excited for what the team have in the pipeline, and pleasantly surprised with the release version. It’s not perfect, and I didn’t expect it to be, but man am I having an absolute blast flying from random airports, sight seeing, landing, refueling and repeating. I can’t wait to see what the future holds :grin: :airplane:


My thoughts exactly. Lots of work still to be done. But what we have so far is nothing short of being spectactular.

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U read my mind

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It certainly is an awesome experience…Thanks ASOBO and MS and the rest.

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Fully agree. I remember getting excited when previous releases like FS95, FS2004, and FSX released. After FSX, there was a big gap in the Flight Simulator market. Although Xplane 11 was and is great, there was no new “Microsoft” Fligfht Sim, and it looked like there wasnt going to be. So to echo the OPs post, a huge thanks to the Microsoft and Asobo team, for the sheer mountain of work that went into making this simulator a platform that we can build on for years to come. Well done guys, really enjoying it …

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I still do remember lines at malls waiting to get their copies of FS2004. Good times, and it’s really exciting to see how far we’ve come in flight simming.

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Did you just say the terrain mesh was leagues ahead of the competitors?
In which areas did you fly? It certainly wasn’t central or northern Europ, it can’t have been Australia, and most definately not the Himalayans or Patagonia.
The mesh is abysmally bad in those places.

What default terrain mesh is currently better than what’s in MSFS, out of curiosity?

I just got finished using the phrase “absolute blast” in another post. Sums it up perfectly.

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None. They are all similarly bad. And MSFS is not better than any of them.
And therein lies the problem. You have high resolution aerial photography worldwide, you have realistic looking atmospheric conditions, and you have a base mesh of a quality that was already lacking 17 years ago and still is.
I just don’t get it. Elevation data is not that expensive and not particularly hard to compile for use.
Why do the developers always leave it to the 3rd Party market to release one that is deserving of the name?

I’m also having a blast and the thing that has shocked me it’s not in the same way I enjoyed Xplane, I’ve not been above 6500ft or 150knots yet but the level of fun I have had as far surpassed what I was expecting. Yes there are a bunch of polishing that needs to be done but, for me I’ve got more than I hoped possible from it


I’ve flown over every former residence, I’ve visited, screen-captured, and emailed photos of relatives homes from 2500 feet, I’ve re-enacted real world GA flights I made 35 years ago with my father in law (now in his 90’s), and I’ve just sat in my dimly lit studio listening to the MSFS background music for hours. I am in awe of the technology we have at our fingertips today.

Thank you to everyone involved in this experience. You are wonderful people, doing a wonderful thing.


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FS2020 is absolute FUN! Thank you so much.
VFR flying is finally comfortable in a flight sim and transitioning from VFR to IFR or back again, when needed, is effortless. Your Baron is wonderful, to me, so a “good job” on that aircraft, my favorite flight sim ac.

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