Thank you OlieTsubasa443 - wishing you the best

@OlieTsubasa443 - I never got the chance to interact with you directly, but will miss seeing you on the forums. Best of wishes!



Who was he and why is he leaving the forum?

Olie worked for Asobo. I’m not sure what his official title was within the company, but he was an active member of the community team here.

Back when I was on the volunteer forum team, he was one of my main two go-to people when I had issues I needed to escalate, he was always very helpful and awesome to interact with. The other go-to person is @Jummivana. I’ve definitely missed working with them both :slight_smile:

Whatever company he ends up with next is getting an awesome person.


I never realized that Olie worked for Asobo - I had always “assumed” he was Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft Community support team.

Are there any other Asobo persons, active in this MSFS Forum , in an official manner ?

There are “Community Managers” who work behind the scene - Both MS & Asobo. Those who are public facing are listed here:
Welcome to the Public Forums! - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

I want to echo what @Nyx1819 has said re. working with Olie.

I have seen a little of the many things Olie has been doing (behind the scenes), as well as in public here on the forums, to benefit this community and it has been a pleasure to interact with him these last two years.
I wish him every happiness in the future and totally agree with the sentiment:


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