Thank you, We are back to poor Perf. after SU6

Dear team,
After the SU 6, I am experiencing same degradation of performance like it was before .
Thanks again

not for me is looks perfect and run very smooth


Great performance for me.

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it’s fine for me are you using high settings?

I can’t see other players. I tried switching servers and am only to see a couple GEN planes and that’s it.

I verified my settings to see all players was correct.

There is issue on all servers.

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Delete your rolling cache

Any estimated time of fixing it?

In my personal experience, there’s always perf issues in the first few days of an SU or WU.
I then find it calms down after that.
There was an overall server outage last night that affected traffic and weather, which won’t have helped, and I believe that’s now been resolved.

So hopefully in a couple of days your perf will be back.


Yes it affect performance when servers are loaded full, also need computer reboot after installing update.


Servers issues,too much people connected

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Me too, perfectly smooth and stable…

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THIS is so true. Every single update, it’s the same thing. Update comes online, everyone scrambles to get it, the servers eventually crash or slow way down, everyone believes their CTD/FPS/slowdown problems are due to the new code (which sometimes is admittedly hard to distinguish), and a few days later, the forum clears because most everyone has recovered and is finally able to fly again.


True, very true… And to be honest: I would be nice if the ■■■■■■■ came back with an update about their experience after a few hours or days instead of throw a bomb and walk away.

Sorry simreal,but I don’t have that experience. Brilliant update. Thank you Microsoft and Asobo. Easy and quick to install and brilliant performance. I even increased the scaling and terrain rendition settings. Smooth as silk. We often criticize so for once let’s say " well done" good update.


Great up grade. No problems here. Didn’t even empty the community folder !
Made 3 fights totally 3 hrs in 4 planes


I’m the same, I never empty it and touch wood so far never had an issue.

The less you mess around with the better in my opinion


I think if anyone here looks at my posting history, you can see I do my fair lot of complaining, and even I think they knocked this one out of the park. I hope they continue this trend!

That said, my performance is solid. I even did a 5 hr. 30 min. trip from LAX to HNL and it went perfect. That’s the first time I have ever been able to complete a flight the day of an upgrade, without any errors. The servers did go down I guess midflight, but that didn’t seem to impact anything (obiously I wasn’t getting photogrammetry or live weather but I had no idea) and the landing went well.

They need to remove the logbook and fix the night sky always being illuminated by the sun and I will be a happy camper!

Performance is back to what it was with SU4, but so is the image quality, I am very happy with it.