Thanks everyone!

Dear MSFS Community,

Today I would like to share how grateful am being part of the amazing MSFS adventure! You may have guessed it already; I will be leaving the MSFS team for new challenges in life.

Before that, I would like to thank each and every one of you: Alpha players with whom I’ve been starting to work with, moderators for whom I still have many requests left to take care of, all players I’ve interacted with and many others I didn’t get a chance to play with.

MSFS is a complex project and surely have some room for improvement, I learned a lot from the Community thanks to all the knowledge shared in this forum. I also observed during this past 2 years, many dedicated people working with passion to bring the best experience possible for all.

I can tell that future holds many good things for the sim and the key word will be patience. Stay positive in your messages (that’s what keeps fueling the team motivation).

The past 2 years have been field with amazing moments! Even thought my presence was not always as visible as my teammates, I enjoyed each moment working on MSFS sharing Community Feedback, bugs, and suggestions to our developers.

We’ll surely see each other in Virtual Skies :blush:

Thanks again and happy flying,



Thank you so much for everything, @OlieTsubasa443. C’était vraiment un plaisir. Bonne chance et au revoir, mon ami. :green_heart: