Thanks for delivering an arcade scenery flying product

We the beta & alpha tester had raised our voice & made our concern clear. We were muted. You promised to listen to the community. But in the end, didn’t keep your promise. You are just bribing reviewers to get a perfect score or having to get them reviewed by people who have no past simulator experience. You can ban or remove me from the community. But I will say out loud. You put a lot of people disappointed. We were so happy to finally see the product that we all loved(still some of the people in the community still use them) I am talking about FSX.
Here is what is wrong with your product if you ever want to address them.

The flight model is arcade. Yes, I am well aware of the realism or legacy flight model settings. It’s all wrong. On one of your video, you said there was about 56 point of monitoring. I differ to agree on any of them exist on the product itself. My advice get feedback from a real airline pilot. See why it’s unrealistic for an airliner to get OVERSPEED warning at 1500ft & climbing. There is no updraft or downdraft effect. There is no difference flying a C172 & 747.

At the end, you will be looking at a lot of refunds & eventually, Microsoft will ask you to leave the product just like they abandoned the community all the way back in 2006. If you care so much about the community you will approve this post & make a very hard defense against it. Otherwise, the community & I will think that it’s just a money-making rushed product for you to make & release.
In the end, I will say it out loud.

This a not a Flight Simulator. It’s a Scenery Simulator. PERIOD.
You may ban or not approve of this post. Like you didn’t care about the community in the first place.


I’m a GA IRL Pilot and i can say it’s pretty nice to fly on this Sim…
Not Perfect Yet, but still very exciting

Not Fully agree


fsx wasn’t much of a sim until 3rd party developers brought it to the state it is nowadays.

I expect the same in fs2020. fs2020 offers developers a broader SDK too.


Typical post from non developer and non 3rd party developer with speculation. Go ask PMDG and these folks and these true people who understand everything instead, you don’t understand what is platform, coding and what it bring, if you think you can build everything perfect, go check all previous native sim.



Did you ever played FSX the first Days after release? I think you should be pationed and wait a while. There will be a lot of bugfixes and improvment made. Even the 3rd Party developers will do the rest.
Its a huge project and its absolutly normal that there will be bugs at the beginning. I´m pretty sure Asobo will take care of it and fix it as soon as possible.

I´m really happy to fly in the new Sim, it´s great already and I´m sure it will be even better over the years


I like to think of it as a world, weather and flight physics platform on which there is space to build and develop more sophistication.


Strongly disagree. Extremely happy with the purchase.


Stop complaining and go play Google Earth :expressionless:


It sure sounds as if you’re that real world airline pilot who tests this sim with full size powered flight controls and can judge the flight model based on that. Irony off. Also I don’t really know what an overspeed warning has to do with the flight model, but maybe someone can enlighten us. Last time I checked the overspeed warning would come on when you overspeed. If you overspeed at 1500 climbing, then that’s the point.


Altitude is irrelevant. You could overspeed at 1’AGL, would take some bottle though.


As I said in another post, ‘study level’ aircraft are never cheap because they replicate the real aircraft in almost every way. You will not find such detailed aircraft as standard in any sim, including XP and FS2020 because they cost a fortune to develop. As a retired pilot, I don’t mind paying for that work as I want as much realism as possible. However, most users never reach or require that level of detail.

I am sure that Asobo will at least fix the bugs in the current stock aircraft but, as correctly stated above by others, it will be the third party devs who provide the highest quality ‘study level’ aircraft as time goes on.

Personally, I know that once Oculus is available in FS2020 ,my flying hours in FS2020 will increase dramatically. For pure procedural flying however, I will use X-plane as I have my study level Toliss a319 and do not require detailed scenery for IFR flying.


I am not a pilot, but I am pleased with most aspects of the FM, it does need more work, but it’s not arcade.

I am pleased with the improvements made over what we tested, yes some things need attention and from what I’ve read, these are being addressed.


Yes I did & the default 747 handles way realisticly than what the FS2020 delieverd us at day 1.


A somewhat subjective opinion. To me it feels more realistic, but I am not an airline pilot.

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Disagree. The flight model feels fine, yes, work is still yet to be done and they know it. This is not a final product, this is and has always intended to be a living platform. Sim, Region, and Major updates paired with third party installments is the game plan at this point. MSFS will shine in time.


Real A320 pilot here. I am happy with the sim. Although the stock A320 is nowhere near study level, you can’t expect that either. I think the flight dynamics of the GA aircraft is realistic.

To me it seems that a lot of people complaining about the flight model are comparing between different sims without having any experience in real aircraft. That, and the online troll culture.

As both a pilot and a developer, I can say that they did an amazing job.


I would say that if you feel the C172 and 747 feel the same for you, then there is something wrong at your end. I quite like the handling, feels better than FSX, XP and P3D in my opinion, but I have it set up right.


‘Feel’ is subjective and largely dependent on controller setup. I use an old ‘MS Sidewinder pro’ stick. I have it setup so it ‘feels’ like when I am flying a real 152/Warrior. Even though it is not a yoke, it just ‘feels’ correct. I’m not keen on yokes. They never feel right to me.


I think it is a platform that has never been seen before in this form. MS Asobo has definitely done a great job. You have to be realistic and you cannot assume that every plane is 100% simulated by default (especially the airliners). The complete FMS / FMC etc. functions I will never expect from MS ASOBO. A PMDG 747 Queen of the Sky costs considerably more than even the MSFS premium deluxe version and there is a reason for that. Maybe it is more of a VFR platform with the included airplanes, but I am convinced that the PMDG, Majestics, Carenado’s, FSLabs, GSX etc. will contribute to a realistic IFR simulation with an airliner. No serious 3rd party developer can ignore this platform


Well, i’m a private pilot too and all i can say till now is this :

  • The scenery is beautifull but still not perfect. Many airports have flaws ( buildings missing, airport slopes wrong etc)
  • The GA aircraft do not handle and i say DO NOT handle like in the real world i think. This needs some tuning, so let’s give it some time.
  • I’ll wait for the PMDG aircraft to come out and let’s see how this wil handle. The default JETS are not very realistic in terms of systems…