That´s a new one, limited by manipulators (0% GPU)

updated, fps increase is very cool with low refreshrate settings. However I got immense freezes, up 15 seconds with 0 % GPU and limited by manipulators, it´s unflyable…may only apply over photogramm areas

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I have exact same problem. For now is FF2020 unflyable in most situations. :frowning: Please fix it ASAP.

Without even posting your pc specs or settings, how is anyone supposed to even help you? :small_airplane: :smiley_cat:

I think, that it’s SW problem, because before updating to latest version everything was fine. Here is my HW configuration.

32GB RAM 4000MHz
Geforce RTX 1070, 8GB

Have you raised it with Zendesk?

Do you have a GTX 1070 or an RTX 2070 a RTX 1070 is not existent

No, I will try… My friend has exact same problem like me. It’s interesting that this frame drops are very random and on some specific regions only, like Prague etc.

GTX, sorry for typing error.

I don’t have these problems what is with your RAM which Timings do you have?

No problem the sim should run fine with both Cards

Look if your Settings have been changed. For me it resetted it after the Patch some to low and some to Ultra

I’m getting this too. I’ve no idea what’s causing the issue. 8700k, 1080Ti, 32gb

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I’ve had that happen too, but it seems kind of random. There’s nothing that i can definitively do to reproduce it. Since turning off photogramatry, i haven’t had it happen much…it could be loading/downloading textures. It may be gpu thermal throttling…? i don’t know.