The 1935 Douglas DC-3

Known Issues:

Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the 1935 Douglas DC-3.

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bugs & Issues section of the forum.

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Lights need some work


What is the free “enhancement” available on the marketplace?

In game checklist mentions for power adjustments “as advised - flight manual”. Has one been published?

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Disappointing that you can’t move the camera into the passenger cabin despite it being fully modeled.


A thing of beauty is a joy forever


It’s loveliness increases, but I don’t thinks that’s the DC-3! :joy:

its the new DC 30

Hatswitch on my Honeycomb is bugged for me. Standard setup. When I push the hatswitch to the right to view to my right, it goes to left/up view.


So Very excited for this release! Thank you MSFS!

Is there a DC 3 PDF checklist or guide included in the release? I was not able to locate the DC3 folder in the update.

I see there is a Video Aircraft Discovery Series 1 for Airbus 310, will there be a walkthrough video for DC3?


On what? Xbox or pc

It’s on PC (or would be if the marketplace weren’t currently down), can’t speak to Xbox.

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Why was the C-47 taken out? Aeroplane Heaven had a fully functional C-47 that could drop paratroopers and you destroyed it. We’ve now taken the most important transport aircraft of WWII out of the sim.


Yeah, what a pitty :expressionless:

Especially when one can fly over the Hump now.



It’s a civilian sim. I could have seen them making a C-47 model, but given the restriction on weapons I don’t think the paratrooper-dropping effect would have ever been a possibility.

In any case, nothing was “destroyed,” I expect this is completely remade for MSFS, if it was just ported over from older sims AH would catch hell for that.


AH had a fully functioning C-47 built until Asobo got their hands on it. Sad to see Asobo picking and choosing when they allow military aircraft in the sim (i.e. paid to put the super hornet in).


Yeah. It is terrible bug :frowning: It is not your setup issue - I have Velocity One Yoke and I am facing the same issue.
I hope they will fix it

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Again, building one for an older sim doesn’t count. AH has been heavily criticized for some of their past releases that were deemed to be “ports” from P3D or wherever without sufficient updates.

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Yes, for MSFS, they had photos and videos of it in the sim on their social media pages before Asobo bought it for them.