The 1935 Douglas DC-3

To the Aeroplane Heaven staff: as I read on facebook you are monitoring this place too, so thank you for creating this gorgeous bird!

I’d like to add some feedback on the visuals as you already said you gonna provide fixes and improvements down the road.

  1. as some others spotted the normal map on the nose is stretched - on the long term it would be great if you (instead of just fixing the UV) could make use of decals instead to create rivets, placards and small texts. This is also the recommended way provided by Asobo, see Surface Detail in SDK

  2. emissive meshes on the outside: please make these brighter. Especially the landing lights are invisible during daytime as the material is not emissive enough. Also it would be great if you’d light up the entire landing light housing this way (you can clone the housings parts which reflect the light, shift it slightly forward to not z-fight, make it emissive and only show/activate the belonging node whenever the landing light on this side is on :slight_smile: The emissive white light on the tail is missing.

  3. I personally don’t like the use of orb lights on wings and tail - they shine on top of the wings surface and from below the wing which somehow adds a “Christmastree” look. As the lights are at the wings tips they should be spots imho with a proper angel to just light up the tip itself from left/right but not the upper and lower surface :slight_smile: on the tail the same thing applies - the light should light up the area from behind the aircraft but not the tailfin and other parts. I changed the configuration in systems.cfg with vanilla and custom lights on my own to see how this could look like which is less invasive:

  4. It would be nice to see the doors being animated on the enhanced version. Also the cabin of the PAX version could get some lights :slight_smile:

  5. The texture layout on the aft part of the fuselage easily leeds to visible white seams when painted. Maybe you will notice on creating more paints.

  6. Heat effects are missing - these ones can be added by including the following lines into the aircraft.cfgs effect section:

effect.0 = fx_engexh_l_startsmoke#(A:GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION:1, boolean)#FX_ASOBO_M_REACTORHEAT_TBM930
effect.1 = fx_engexh_r_startsmoke#(A:GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION:2, boolean)#FX_ASOBO_M_REACTORHEAT_TBM930

These effects blend already nicely with the big radial engines imho.

Other than that please also have a look at this report I created about ATC/ICAO codes - this provides the correct type information as per definition: