The 1947 Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

I have been a long-time fan of the DHC-2 Beaver, ever since I first got a Topps Wings bubble-gum card with one on it back in '52. It was called the L-20 by the USAF.

Anyway, I bought one for FSX back in the day and made a video clip of one of my flights at Dillingham Air Field (PHDH), Hawaii back then to share with my brothers.

Out of curiosity, I thought it might be interesting to re-create that flight in MSFS.
I must confess that both models are quite similar, although I am really drawn to that great engine growl of the FSX version.

An excellent and very rugged bush plane, I have also made several long flights with auto-pilot and even ILS bringing her home in the worst of weather conditions! It’s an extremely capable bird…

Love it, Asobo!

My original flight in FSX:

Today’s flight in MSFS:


Another cargo loaded


Always carry a spare.


Can we get some ATV’s too?


Don’t found nothing on this thread about pitot cover. In real aircraft is important, on simulated one, don’t care.
On MSFS I fly mostly the Blackbird C130 and the Ant’s Airplanes Tiger Moth. Recently I begun with the Beaver to do a mission I’ve prepared.
A picture at Patagonia:



Here is a link to my checklist for the Beaver:

Link to the startup procedure post:



Great doco The De Havilland Beaver, An Engineering Masterpiece | The Immortal Beaver | On The Move - YouTube


Discord invite is invalid. Is there a new one?

I’ll check out the cargo mod.

I think I’d like to do a lakes tour in the US with the Beaver… :thinking:

this should be fine for 7 days :slight_smile:

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Hi all. We’re looking for a list of any and all bugs for this product. We’re not doing any new additions or modifications; only bugs.

DM me with your items, if any



When starting the engine, you get a huge drop in frame rate for a few seconds. Spawned at some remote location, and getting a locked 60fps, when I flip the starter switch it drops by 20fps.

Stop the engine, and repeat, and you get the same 20fps drop. 60fps to 40fps isn’t too bad. 40fps to 20fps is horrible.

Quite a few people have commented on the fuel flow being higher than expected and some have modified some config file to get it closer to the actual thing.

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The views when using a hat switch, are in need of squaring away.
They are/have been jacked from go.


Jacked up?

I believe @SilentOption150 is talking about the Quickviews, when using the hat switch.
They are not programmed correctly. Your head position/view should correspond with the direction you move the hat switch. With the Beaver they don’t.


I’d like to see the fuel mixture control get an overhaul.
As it is now, it’s either full rich or full lean. When moving the control there is no change in between.

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In most planes, the hat switch quick views are laid out like this:

L1 R1
L2 R2
L3 R3

Hat up goes up to landing view, hat down goes into pilot close, then instruments, and from there left-right cycle through those.

I believe the L1/R1, and L3/R3 views above are messed up. L2 & R2 look directly left, and right I think. But the L1 R1 views should look forward left and forward right, while L3 & R3 should be back left, and back right.


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I apologize Colin, not a good descriptor.

What I mean, which is how I should have said it 1st…
Is when you hit the switch to look left, it looks right.
When you hit it to look right, goes to rear of plane view.
I’m on the Box. I’d change it if able.

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I’ll check later but you may be right.

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Exactly, that’s it…

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