The 1947 Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

Tested other areas and succeeded. Also the one i crashed. What i noticed in the scenery CYWH , that there are multiple blocks in the water. Maybe that caused the crash.

Regarding high fuel burn, that you can fly for ca.2 hrs instead 3,5 hrs at 5000ft :
fuel_flow_scalar=1.0 seems to work better in engines.cfg
It needs more testing. Original number is 1.651.


Tested 1.2 and this seems accurate :slight_smile:

I use this values since long:

Just came back to the Beaver after a while. Did we get anything for DME in the meantime?

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I am having a hard time to keep the beaver aligned with the runway. It feels very twitchy. Does anyone have advice for that?

It’s unbelievable how many things don’t work in the Beaver, DME being but one of them. Good luck using it with a sim cockpit since almost nothing can be mapped to switches/knobs/axis controls. The inability to map the fuel tank selector switch is a huge issue. The engine shutdown sound is completely missing as well. There is an outstanding freeware beaver soundpack that has the engine shutdown, but I don’t know how vwise works or how to get sound.cfg to work in conjunction with the sound.xml file. I’ve tried fruitlessly a few times. It also seems to have about 2500hp on takeoff as well. There are other issues, but those are a few off the top of my head.

I can see why Milviz didn’t sell this, it must have been some kind of Alpha prototype. It’s a shame as it’s my favorite plane. I wish it got the love it deserves!

Well, the Milviz team is pretty active here when it comes to defending their products (which indeed are very good usually). We’ll see if they’ll respond to your critisism.

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We’ve read quite a few times that this aircraft is now Asobo’s responsibilty.

There are so many existing and non-existing aircraft of different levels of quality. For someone who loves the DHC-2 this is unfortunate.

Is it a missed opportunity? Maybe.
Did it go a good length to fund Blackbird’s future work? I hope so!
Was it good for Blackbird’s reputation to have their name on it? Depends on if you’re aware of the context.

Please give them credit for what they accomplished here. And while they didn’t complete and polish this on, they dedicate their resources to other projects.


Yeah that’s the worst part, Asobo has to fix it, so you know it will never happen. If they didn’t give it to them then maybe they would have fixed this stuff. Either way things like fuel selectors should ALWAYS be mappable and at least the default planes can manage that. Oh well, once the A2A Comanche comes out it’ll make these other planes obsolete anyway. Been too many years since I’ve had my A2A fix I’ve started to get used to low quality stuff like this.

It’s an L-Var:


Off = 0
Rear = 1
Center = 2
Front = 3

Ahh thanks, intriguing! Any idea how to do that in Mobiflight? It’s been years since I’ve used LVars, LUA and Linda and I have forgotten all of it haha

Sorry, unfortunately I don’t know that. I’m using FSUIPC.

With a simple google search (mobiflight manual) you can find this:
Dokumentation Software MobiFlight Connector, FSUIPC

That’s just the normal Mobiflight operation which I already know, I’ve just never used Lvars with it before and haven’t found anything about it without using LUA scritps or FSUIPC.

Sorry, but I use Spad.Next for all my controller “problems”.
Why don’t you just try and learn?

I obviously have since I said I haven’t found anything about it yet. It’s oddly difficult to find information about LVars with Mobiflight as they’re always talking about using LUA macros, Linda and FSUIPC and I used to know all that years ago, but it’s been too long. It’s one of those “if you know it, you know it” sort of things, so most of the information you find is the advanced stuff, nothing to really get started. I’ll probably have to ask in the Mobiflight forum.

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I agree that the fuel burn is too high. I am getting about 45 gal per hour and it should be around 28-30 gals per hour.

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Thanks for this! Fuel burn is definitely too high. And mixture leaning doesn’t really do anything (or much).

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You can easily monitor fuel flow in LittleNavMap and I can assure you that mixture leaning lowers this factor.