The 1947 Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

It doesn’t look like that for me at all

1250410_20240225134036_1.png (3840×2160) (

1250410_20240225134648_1.png (3840×2160) (

Everything seems ok in my set-up, too.

In your examples, it almost seems like it could be an overzealous HDR or messed-up contrast setting to me.

The other planes does not look that inside at all. Its only this plane.

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Eh…thats like night and day!!!

I just cant understand whats going on… =( To be honest, none of my planes looks like that. DX11? (which Im on? or DX12 (and do they differ in this matter?). Ive changed some settings in Nvidia GF Experience, but only lowered shadows and contrast; nothing that affedts the overall lighting like this. And its the same if I turn off the filters…

Love that K9 from Got Friends, btw…

I’m on DX12 though it looks very much the same on DX11. All of my settings on on Ultra aside from motion blur turned off

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It actually looks better now, (on ground) no changes done from my side. I first though it was something with 8-bit vs 10-bit in NCP (im not using HDR, but 10-bit gives benefits). It was not the problem Then I though it was the modded panel i cockpit, but that was not the problem either. I also checked my screen settings, no problems there either.

I think this problem occurs under some weather conditions (???). I just can understand how it could e bright in the cabin when its dark on the outside, no lamps lit in plane. Also, this lighting (in this plane) seems very static. Sure We can see when the sun moves how shadows and bright areas appear in the cockpit/cabin, but there is never any subtle changes to the light, in general.

This, together with lighting problems outside the plane(s) is this sim a bit… “not so realistic” in terms of well…lighting. The outside problems is that light and mist, and so…it does not look realistic. In fog, the plane should almost go invisible, but it does not look invisible. But this is the smaller problem, the interior lighting is way worse I think… cause of the static general light feeling, sort of.

And why Im at it…static passangers and crew is just kind of pathetic as well. 2024 is the year. Lets hope that things gets updated and better in next FS24 release.

Over and out.

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Suddenly my front facing camera is facing backwards toward the cabin. Seems like Im in the copilots HEAD, looking backwards.

Ctrl 1 does the same. Not sure whats going on… ? Any ideas? Normal in other planes. No mods for it installed. =(

How to reset, get it working normally again?

Does Ctrl + Space help? I find that gets me out of a lot of weird camera issues.

Yes it seem to help, but then the problem is back when you press the standard view again.

Any mods that could cause this? (not mods for this specific plane, but plane mods over all)

I had same problem once with Beaver, but it was over a year ago. I don’t remember how I fixed it. Maybe it was keyboard F?

I’m not sure when this occurred but you can now hide the tablet. But…has anyone found the way to restore the tablet once hidden?

I really need that “anchor” feature when flying the seaplane. I hid the tablet…once on purpose and once by accident. But both times, I couldn’t really “dock” at my destination without it.

I believe you can click that area where the tablet once was too reactive that tablet.


You can if you have Got Friends 40th Anniversary expansion mod.
You can switch back the pad clicking tablets cradle.


That’s what one would think… but, alas, no. I don’t use the GotFriends mod as I don’t need it, so I’m strictly referring to the default tablet that Blackbird supplied.

Edit… happy to report however. Discovered by accident that the ALT WARN light is the toggle click-spot for the default tablet.

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So how do you remove it, pushing the button just turns it off for me without the mod?
edit: ALT WARN light doesn’t toggle tablet for me.