The 1947 Hughes H-4 Hercules

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Truly amazing to fly this enormous bird. Thank you so much for bringing this plane into the Sim. So far, all works well except an item on the lefthandside clickable checklist. Perhaps I am doing it wrong. But moving the regulators on the “cockpit curtains” does not change a thing. Did I miss something?


It is quite strange that levers/buttons are disabled on co-pilot side.

I want to really thank whoever was the first person to think of the idea of bringing this iconic plane to flight simulator. I have a lot of memories as a kid wrapped around this plane. I used to summer vacation to socal where I spent time with my uncle. We would go see the Queen Mary and the “Spruce Goose” over in Long Beach. It’s one of the main reasons I have an interest and hobby in flight simulation today.

I’ve always wanted to relive that day that Howard Hughes took flight with the Hercules (he hated the name Spruce Goose) in Long Beech harbor. I got to finally do that today - it brought back a rush of memories…and for that I am thankful to the teams involved in bringing us such a wonderful piece of aviation history!!


Definitely not disappointed. Flight dynamics are really nice from liftoff, cruise and landing! Textures are very good. Interior modelling is a plus right down to Howard’s “lucky” felt hat. Sound package is very cool!
Check out my first video here: The H-4 Hercules "Spruce Goose" Story- Remastered- Part 1- Howard Hughes Chronology - MSFS 40th Year - YouTube


Amazingly fun to fly this giant! Had a great flight around Alaska and was playing around with the knobs and cranks and accidentally opened a window and “stressed the plane”. I hope someone like Black Square gives it some love. The 2D screw heads cheapen the interior (e.g., around the flap controls). And the sounds (don’t use headphone mode) could be a bit beefier. But a great addition nonetheless!

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Awesome job on the video! Very well done and informative.

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Thanks! Here are a few evening shots!


I like the Spruce Goose more than I was expecting! The interior is nice and it flies well. My only criticism is the exterior view being so far away. It’s so tiny on my screen!


Remember one thing: this plane has /NEVER/ flown higher than 70 ft (26 meters)

This is quite literally the first time this bird has EVER flown higher than that. Let that sink in. This is a historical moment.


How can i start it ontop of water?

Pick a water runway as the starting point for your flight.


Really glad to see Asobo add this plane to the sim, and for making it as functional and pretty as they did!

Is there a way to operate the autopilot? I’d love to use this plane as a celestial navigation platform, but it’s hard to shoot stars and run calcs while flying a constant heading and altitude manually at the same time…


How do we find a water runway? All I was able to do was start a custom flight (at 7,000ft) and slew down to water level and save that flight. BTW, 1 and 2 engines are running after loading even though saved with engines off.

There’s some dotted about, mostly in the US. If you’re on PC you can use Little Navmap to filter them and find them easily, otherwise use the in-game map filter options and poke about until you spot something. Unfortunately the default water runways don’t come with any mooring spots so you have to start on the ‘runway’ with everything already started up, no cold and dark options. For PC users there’s some mods on and return to misty moorings and maybe other places that add in water runways with proper parking mooring spots so you can start cold and dark.

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The curtains are over near the engineer’s station.

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Thanks, I will take a look.

Same here - I should have known better than to try the window! Except in my case the game-over page didn’t appear. I got the sound effect of my flight ending badly, but the sim paused and the flight didn’t end. I couldn’t click anything in the cockpit, and under the wing floats were some large support/weights that weren’t there before. It was odd, but I knew why it has frozen mid air at least.

Zoom in close on tidal areas. I have a long list that I use, but I’m away from the PC. Annapolis,MD; Baltimore inner Harbor; Harvey Cedars or Harrahs near Atlantic City or my favorite right next to PAKT in Ketchikan Alaska.


Look over your shoulders behind you. You’re lowering four tiny curtains on the windows behind you in the cockpit.

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