The 1947 Hughes H-4 Hercules

I always loved the Spruce Goose since seeing it in Crimson Skies and in “the Aviator”.
Visually I cannot say much bad about it - anyway I discovered two small issues not even worth to file a proper bug report:

  1. the orientation of the green navigation light orb is off - it is facing into the same direction as the red navigation light on the other wing:

    Other than that the draw distance of the landing lights eemesh and light source is too short - with lights turned on during day you cannot see these until you set zoom to 100%
    Another small thing is the shadow of the props on the fuselage which shows a small rotating + from the prop hubs mesh:
  2. currently the aircraft got only 4 logical engines and propellers. It ofc. works but it would be great to see all 8 being individual after needed code changes by Asobo
  3. ATC information is completely missing - I added working atc parameters in my bug report over here: Missing or wrong atc/icao parameters on 40th Anniversary aircraft - #2 by Delta2k5

Other than this it flies reasonable good - it’s not the fastest one around and takes its time to climb but that’s expected. Nobody really knows how it handles anyway but scientists said that it somehow shall be able to meet the numbers intended.