The 1947 Hughes H-4 Hercules

I also wanted to add that during my testing, I found flying this aircraft to be a real joy. I’d flown it a bit when it was released with the 40th, but not to the extent I flew it yesterday. I didn’t utilize any of the modern avionics systems since I’m a vintage systems kind of person and loved that it hand flies extremely well.

Obviously, so much of its flight characteristics are theoretical, but I really like how it feels big and heavy. It is so cool to be able to fly around this virtual museum piece.

I took off from the San Francisco Bay, flew directly over the Oakland/SF Transbay Bridge turned west toward Half Moon Bay and followed the coast to the south. I did a low pass fly-by at Hearst Castle and landed in San Simeon Bay. It was a great flight and I’m definitely going to be flying this aircraft more often.

I kept wishing that more of its systems were modeled — mainly propeller speed adjustments and mixture settings. I also wish we had an old-school radio navigational system. I keep looking at those red & green radio navigation needles wishing they were operational.

One small thing I noted is that the APUs’ on/off switches are non-op and I had to cycle the starter switches to shut them down, which was a little weird.

I really hope we can see some means of starting seaplanes in a C&D state. The sim desperately needs improvements to how seaplanes are handled both in terms of available parking/docks and water handling characteristics.

Awesome job here on this plane!


Agreed, it’s a fantastic plane for sure. I think the keybinds for prop rpm are working in this model.

Another gem from the 40th anniversary from Bluemesh is the Ryan NYP. Beautifully done vintage aircraft.


I’ve got an axis for prop RPM. Since the aircraft doesn’t have an axis itself, do I need to be using buttons, instead?

It’s not responsive to my RPM axis changes.

Yes, try to assign it to buttons (increase rpm, decrease rpm). It works on my Xbox controller.

I just tried with my keyboard bindings for increase/decrease, but I see no change.

(Yes, I’m back up here in the skies with her again)

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I will check it later, last time I’ve flown this big bird was a month ago.

There might be some changes in the beta also. Im on public release.

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I have an axis on my joystick assigned and it works just like in other aircraft.
Confusingly I can even here a squeeling sound of some rotaty control in the virtual cockpit although the prop RPM was controlled by switches/butons in the original aircraft… :grinning:

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Are you flying the beta version?

I’ve got no propeller action here, at all. None of the controls on the model react to mouse clicks/manipulation, either. If I turn on tooltips, they don’t have callouts, other than the Flight Engineer’s station where the prop switches are labeled “Inoperative”.

No, I fly the regular version.
Bad to here the update may brake that function. :slightly_frowning_face:

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I have a set up for the Honeycomb setup I use. One thing missing from the video is I have the cowl flaps bound to buttons as well.This may be of use :slight_smile: Honeycomb Flight Controls in the H-4 Hercules MSFS - YouTube

Yes I understand that the appearance of modern avionics can mar the vintage look of the aircraft.
Unfortunately, a lot of people do not read the information that can be found in the cockpit. That’s why by default I have left the avionics displayed, (feature which has been much requested), to show that it has been added.
This can be quickly hidden from the clipboard in any case. If it is really annoying I could hide it by default in the next update.
Concerning the management of the propeller, I was waiting for some explanations from the museum. I think that @EightyApollo104 , our expert :grin:, will be able to bring me the necessary informations to add the desired features in next updates.


The biggest issue with the modern avionics comes when doing the Activity that is the historic 1947 flight at Long Beach.

It’s pretty weird (wrong?) to see all those modern components when doing this activity.

I appreciate your considering it and being open to discussion!

Thanks for the kind words @BlueMesh3192 . Funny, I’ve been working on that. Hercules Tech #3: Propeller Synchronization Implementation - YouTube


You are absolutely right! i will ask the dev wich is working on missions to set the value to 0 and hide the avionics. Thank you :slight_smile:


I just spent a few hours flying the Hercules and was very much wishing for modern avionics. Then I saw screenshots here… How do I enable them?

Also would it be possible to get an engine hour meter somewhere? Perhaps if it’s a realism issue, added to the clipboard?

You wait for SU12’s release. It will be included as part of the update.

You could join the beta, now, but there isn’t much point two+ days away.

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Thanks! Good to know.


Thank you so much for your hard work. The plane was amazing to fly even before the update. Now with the implementation of the Autopilot and the other features… WOW! the sky is truly the limit. A HUGE THANKS!


Perhaps a quick fix in the future to enable the propeller controls in the current version as they were in the previous version could be considered. For myself I’m flying an extensively modded Goose so my milage is a bit different.

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Did my first flight after SU12. And yes: Prop control is not functioning anymore. :frowning:
But the cowl flaps on engine 2, that I reported here, were fixed.

Another thing I noticed is that some temperatures are now higher the pre SU12, I think. Until now I could fly with cowl flaps fully closed (as noted in the checklist someone provided) and all temperatures were very low (I´m not an expert, but they seemed to low IMHO). Now cylinder temperature is at max when I close the cowl flaps completely.
Oil temperatures were also to high, as far as I can remember, but as the oil cooler flaps don´t work there is no chance to change that.

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