The 737

why does the 737 want to nose dive on landing no other aircraft maybe the 777 does it or not i havent really flown it but i know the 747 the a320 and all the other aircraft dont nose down like its trying to nose dive on final so does anyone know how to land this aircraft with out issues?

Which 737 are you using?

not PMDG’s the one on the market place

I recommend some punctuation marks… It’s terrible to read like this.

Every aircraft with a tail horizontal stabilizer “nose dives” when it gets close to the ground. That’s the ground effect. It could be that this behaviour has been implemented now. However your describtion doesn’t specify what you understand as “nose dive”. Normally it’s a nose down momentum that is obviously absolutely managable by the pilot.

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Whatever the jet is, it’s not stock so this thread is headed to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft

actually when it nose dives i cannot control it and its nothing to do with the trim

its the 737 max you can buy i dont know if its broken or i got to do something well on landing and does this plane have ILS?

these are questions you need to ask the developer tbh. a lot of people here have less than positive opinions when it comes to some of the aircraft on the marketplace, which i’m not going to get into right now. To answer your question, Yes, the 737 Max is rated for ILS, however i can’t speak for the reliability regarding the Bredok3d payware since i don’t own it.

When it comes to “nose diving,” does it start to hone in on a single point like a laser guided missile, or does it seem to replicate the actual 737MAX issue described here? Can you post a video of the issue?

Some other information might be helpful such as:

Platform (PC/Xbox)
What Airport/Runway are you flying into? Is it an autogen airport, an Asobo upgraded model or a freeware/payware airport?
Are you engaging APP mode at the right altitude? Is your plane configured for landing properly?

FWIW, ILS is a little broken in most planes and i’ve had sort of a nose dive when the plane tries to literally follow the ILS beacons that the game emits from the runway and my plane hones in on it like it was a laser guide missile. Autoland is also a bit broken for most planes that have it as well, so i tend to kill autopilot just as i’m entering the runway threshold

I have the 737 Max from the marketplace (XBox) and have been flying it for about 2 weeks or so, after the last sim update it actually flies pretty well for what it is and some bugs were fixed. I have been able to have it follow a flight plan and then have flown both rnav and ils approaches with it without issues so far.

Ah - it must be the special 737 MAX version MCAS Edition! This one sometimes has this little flaw.
But it wants to nose-dive not only during landings…