The AFTER -- New Xbox Build -- thread

Several people suggested this thread so here it goes…

Hotfix installed, New XBOX build installed, WU9 installed in that order.

For me, smooth flight, but CTD as I was clearing the runway to parking… KMEM to KLIT. Also lost ATC audio about mid flight. Flying a Beechcraft Bonanza G36.

Remember the fix was ONLY supposed to fix getting into the game and none of the other stuff, but that what I have seen for me.

Hopefully this thread gets everyone that has done the XBOX patches/fixes a fresh place to discuss bugs.


I have been having decent flights over the last couple of days. The main thing I saw that change after the patch was all my world updates were deleted to the archives. I believe that is why all my flights have been better (3 flights 1 hr or less).

Today reloaded the world bundles and the CTD happen at the end of the flight, (taxi to gate) KJFK. ON live weather, ATC, A.I. aircraft, but really don’t see them. 3rd party airports (3rd party airports worked without world updates)

I guess no Photogrammetry is fine for now.

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Does anybody have issues with the pushback tugs after the update? Every airport for me says “no pushback tug available at this time”

I experienced a close to CTD on final to KLAS on the A320 after a 2.5 hours flight, plan was IFR from the world map with SID and STAR selected, arrival was set during the approach on the MCDU for RNAV 1R

The screens went all black and stutters began, I was about to give up as usual when suddenly the screens cycled on and I was able to complete the landing and parking at a gate.

When ending the flight I saw the logbook and it was all there, seems that the CTD on final approach is being addressed somehow

I requested a pushback and it said a pushback request was accepted but nothing happened…the pushback dolly was there and a dude standing near by… Also my engines were running, and I told it to do auto pilot it would not go anywhere and it shut the plane down…I started it all up again, and I could manually start moving but when I told it to do autopilot it again slowed down and shut the plane off…it was like it thought I had landed but I had just set the flight up…I had to exit the game and restart…odd…

Maybe a stupid question, but was your parking brake off? Haven’t done pushback in a while, but I think it has to be off before the dolly engages.

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I do not remember, but it would not surprise me lol I only play a ■■■■■■ pilot on the weekends hahahha

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