The B787 Has Improved Dramatically via the Heavy Mod

It depends on the plane. Some of the more expensive third party jets only import from SimBrief, although there are workarounds. But most allow you to use the World Map.

I wanted to know in regard to the 787 heavy mod. Because the write in their documentation to use SimBrief.

Yes you should be able to. But the question remains, why not try it and see?

Why has the Asobo (and Heavy Mod) 787 in MSFS only 3500 NM range and 7 hours endurance? That seems a little of from the real specs.

How did you determine the range and endurance of either version of the plane?

Stats in the plane menu:

As I recall, the Heavy mod does not change those stats, but the plane does fly differently. I would suggest you try flying both of them to see what the actual range is. As for the default 787, I would not be surprised that Asobo has the wrong figures set in the config files. That’s one of the things the mod improves

So, I tried tonight and I was not able to get a plan into the Heavy Mod from MSFS World Map. Works fine when I am not using the map. That’s a bummer…

Weird thing is that the flight plan is in the FMC but when I go to the nav screen there is nothing in plan or anywhere. no waypoints nothing. But in the FMC I see all waypoints that I got from the route I planned in the World Map.

I could have sworn I was able to do it in the past. Maybe there is a setting somewhere in the heavy mod that needs to be changed.

that screenshot was with heavy mod installed. range and endurance don’t change either way, with or without mod.

You’re not understanding me. The range numbers won’t change. But the actual range will. Do you understand? The range numbers shown there do not reflect what the plane can actually do in the simulator.

Understood :wink: