The ball of the world does not turn

Hello, does it happen to someone that the ball of the world cannot be rotated with the mouse as before?

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Someone in a Discord in a far away land mentioned they had to set something to default as they had the same issue as you. I assume mouse settings, but could be the map settings.

Hello, there is an existing topic here for this:

I believe this is what you are experiencing? There is a workaround linked in that topic.

Yup - just set the mouse back to the default profile in controller settings.

Okay, that was it, if I put it on a plane it doesn’t work.

If I set it to default it works, but I don’t understand it, yesterday it worked fine, and now if I don’t set it to default it doesn’t work, strange things happen.
Thanks for the help.

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Closing this now as it seems to be the same as the thread linked above. Feel free to continue over there.