The broken 225/03 wind discussion thread [Extremely Concerning]

When you take it personally that people respond to your arguments. You should stop debating things. Nobody is attacking you. You aren’t entitled to have everyone universally agree with you. And to call it “aggressive” when people merely don’t agree, and explain why in a structured and logical way, That’s not a good look.


Request load should be pretty reasonable given how infrequently weather would need to be queried (flight start, then inside a radius as you move and maybe ever 30min+ after?)

Even with 1mil active players that’s still only ~500-1000 requests ever, second and maybe multiplied if the api is unable to get multiple METARs in a single request.

A single region should be more than capable esp if the data is only caches and basically a KV lookup.

But same as live weather in xp or fsx if the server goes, so goes the real weather, this time around it’s at least for now behind a MS server which is both fortunate and unfortunate depending how you look at it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Can we close this off? It has been acknowledged, so we have the answer.

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I’d wait for them to acknowledge it in known issues. Why even have that page if they won’t put issues on there? Seems a little disingenuous to withhold that info for 10d or not even bothering to investigate for themselves. Any quality engineer or developer could have identified its an issue is fairly quick. Something as simple as “there are occurrences of pilots not seeing real wind. Root cause unifentified.”

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Zendesk and their stated issues have no relation to their internal tracker. Forum Mods have posted the team is aware further up this post which should be sufficient? Do u need it to be in a more visible place?

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Just placing it in their one page that has known issues would be great. Doesn’t have to be anything more than that. Then weekly updates on which issues they’re working on or what’s been “never’d” would be what’s expected on an ongoing basis.

This is the standard behavior for any developer or publisher that wants to be known for good post release support.

Lets see what their reasoning is behind this on Monday, but sounds like any reasoning they could provide has an obvious failure point in terms of production readiness and production support. Let’s see what they do with customer retention now that it’s pretty evident they did not staff correctly or put the right procdures in place to be a trusted developer/publisher and that this game will be more than just a niche product.

Not to dash your hopes, but I don’t think we’ll hear anything till 3rd September when the dev update will coincide with the patch release announced the week before. maybe they’ll surprise us by including some other fixes other than the ones mentioned.


You bet. And i don’t care if You like it.

It is not primarIly a US issue. It is an issue affecting the majority of the globe, with Europe being the minority exception.

I’m sorry and wish to be respectful, but I’m rather tired of seeing comments peddling this “fiction” that the issue is unique to the Americas. I can assure American simmers that if they expand their bubble of operations a little bit, they’ll very quickly realise that they are not the only ones affected.

A similar bubble seems to apply to European simmers, many of whom seem to believe that the issue is non-existent because they happen to have accurate winds on their flight from London to Paris.


This is true, I think the exception seems to be that Europe works, whereas most/all other places do not work. I’ve personally only flown in North America and Europe. I plan on flying in the Storm headed for Japan tomorrow to see how things are faring in Asia myself

If you have read the above, there is no conspiracy theory on geo being only the US. It’s not we know

There are countless comments being made across various forums that this is a “US” issue.

I’m not claiming the existence of a conspiracy, but rather one of fairly widespread ignorance on the breadth of the issue.

Yes, I get that. Hence I linked you to this thread which has by now more clearly established it’s not just the US.

It’s seems easy to prove in the US as it’s very noticable across all major places people fly but it’s also been shown to work further south. Stands to reason this isnt just on that side of the globe either.

Well, everyone rushed in and bought it. They moved the number of units they wanted to.

What business sense does it make to make the weather and flight models as advertised and fix the malfunctioning systems like autopilots?

Let’s not pretend like we don’t know how this will go. We’ve already validated their offering with our wallets. There’s no reason for them to spend money chasing it.

The team has been reallocated to post launch activities. Some of those I’m sure are product support and bug fixes, but they are generating new DLC and working on new features probably much more than going back and tweaking what’s released. There’s been a pattern of things staying this way.

I just had a little flight through a typhoon that’s currently active to the east of Taiwan. Surface winds above 80knots on its north eastern quadrant, according to WindyTv. Sure enough, winds were 225/3.

In my home country of Australia I haven’t managed to find a single location where live winds were accurately implemented, either.


I was just surfing the Meteoblue website and if you want to see where you will actually get Winds Aloft, Here’s the URL

I don’t know if the Zoom level will work via the link but if you zoom out enough, they have a line of where they have their region specific data (assuming this is their own model data) vs. the global data…

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Entire Japan is a calm 225/03 oasis ever since (not allowed to say, but a long time ago, ahem) For Asia, winds seem to be working in Indonesia / Philippines but nowhere else (in Asia)

Edit - Have raised zendesk ticket for this , a long time ago.


I don’t want to disagree, but for me, at least, the weather in Europe doesn’t work 100 % either. Winds are “okay-ish” most of the time, but pressure and temperature are not within the margins I’d expect them to be, and that’s happening quite often.

In the end we need something reliable around the globe. Winds, temperature, cloud coverage, dew point and pressure have to be there within the margins of their (forecast) model, otherwise proper flight planning and online flying won’t make sense.

Regarding cloud coverage, I think it’s already quite bad that they can’t simulate fog layers, hopefully this will be addressed in the future as well.


Just tried to reproduce the bug at YSSY. IRL metars said wind was 19 knots gusting to 35 from Southeast. When I listened to the ATIS at the airport, it somewhat matched the live, real world metars. But it had absolutely no effect on the aircraft, and g1000’s wind pfd screen showed 3 knots. :rofl:

The wind was 3 knots when I was on the ground doing nothing, or taxing, or taking off and climbing to 10,000 feet. No matter what altitude, it always stayed at 3 knots.

I’ll say it again. It has been acknowledged. Maybe not in the specific way you seem to be demanding for no other reason that that’s what suits you, but it has been acknowledged. If everyone who is trying to find out more about the bug can raise ZenDesk tickets with their information, that will help the devs much more than posting it on here. Can we close this thread please?

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