The Bush Divers Invitational: Nepal

This event is now over, thanks all who attended and congrats to MajorSpittle for winning the 3-month OnAir key. We hope to see you all at the next event!

For those who missed it, you can still take part solo by getting the Bush Divers Invitational: Nepal MSFS Bush Trip here:
The Bush Divers Invitational: Nepal (Bush Trip) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Bush Divers would like to invite all to participate in this week’s Bush Divers Invitational: Nepal.

Don’t forget your oxygen tank and a pack of gum, we are going mountain climbing! This event will start at VNRB Rajbiraj Airport (258 ft ASL) and strike north into the Himalayas, making a winding switchback through dangerous terrain to VNSB Syangboche Airstrip (12,294 ft ASL).

Server: US-East

Special considerations:

-VNRB offers ramp parking, please start cold and dark on one of the ramp parking spots.

-We will be using Live Weather, if conditions are acceptable, otherwise Partly Cloudy preset should be used.

-Those interested in participating in voice comms can join us in the MSFS Discord Event Voice Channel (will be named Bush Divers Invitational: Nepal).

-You are free to bring the plane of your choosing, from Caravans (single engine turboprops) to King Airs (multi-engine turboprops).

We hope you can make it!
For more Bush Divers stuff, check out our Discord!


that sounds interesting, I might join in.
I have never flown in Multiplayer, though. Anything in particular one must check before doing so ?

The main thing is to be on the US-East server in MSFS. You can give us a shout in our discord if you have any issues and we’ll do our best to resolve them.


Is there a flight plan to download?

Here you are! BushDivers_Fly-In_April10_ Rajbiraj (VNRB) to Syangboche Airport (VNSB).lnmpln (2.9 KB)


What kind of file type is “lnmpln”. The MSFS world map allows only “pln” and “flt” flights to be loaded. Sorry about the prolly stupid question…

Lnmpln are for LittleNavMap which is an excellent free flight planning tool. You can join us at the start, we will still be calling out the next stop so people can input a direct to. Most of the flight will be navigating terrain so a set plan isn’t preplanned.

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Thanks, could you also post the regular .pln file?

Here you go:
VFR Rajbiraj (VNRB) to Syangboche Airport (VNSB).pln (3.7 KB)


My bad. In the haste I did not notice I saved it as a .lmpln instead of .pln.

Hello Simmer Pilots
Those were nice slopes. You can’t make a mistake there.
Until next time.


This was my first community event. It was much fun. I encountered some issues that maybe someone can help me with: (1) I joined the discord channel, but a message appeared that said something like that I don’t have the privilege to talk on the channel (or something to that effect), so I could only listen in. How can I get permission to talk on the channel? (2) I joined right at the published event start time and thought I’d be given time to do the start up and go through the checklists, etc. But to my surprise everybody took off right at the published start time, even though the OP says that one should do a cold start. Is that always like this? Is the published start time the takeoff time, rather than the cold-start-spawn-in-time?

Thanks again to the event organizers!

  1. I will investigate that prior to the next event and try to resolve that.
  2. We typically do depart at the scheduled time, however we will be providing a more lenient timeframe going forward of approximately 5 minutes for the start of the event.

Thanks for attending!