The Bush Divers Invitational: Quebec

Bush Divers would like to invite all to join us this weekend for the Bush Divers Invitational - Quebec

This week the Bush Divers will be flying over Quebec, starting at the Saguenay River and heading southwest through the Laurentian Mountains to Quebec City. This trip will offer a varied topography of rolling, tree covered mountains, steep valleys and plenty of lakes to test your floats on! In addition to being a fun and challenging flight, we will also have some special local knowledge provided by Bush Divers’ own, Whazo!

This week’s giveaway is a 25 Euro SimMarket voucher!

Server: US-East

Special considerations:

-Bring the float plane of your choice! Sinkers are still welcome, there may be some open terrain adjacent to our landing lakes if you need to land while en-route.

-Check to see if the aircraft of your choice has a livery made by our own aeroplane artiste, SixPackPilot. » Profile of SixPackPilot

-CYTF offers a few ramp parking spots, but please spread out to avoid overcrowding. We will be departing CYTF on Rwy 13.

-Live Weather, is currently forecast to have some light rain, but we should be close enough to the ground to stay out of the clouds. We will watch this as it develops but as always we leave this up to pilot discretion. Local time will be 0900.

-Bush Divers also encourages the use of Volanta, a great flight tracking tool which Bush Divers have been using for months: Get Volanta

-Those interested in participating in voice comms can join us in the Bush Divers Discord event voice comms channel.

-We would appreciate your patience during this fly-in. The 1900 UTC start time will not be a hard constraint, we may hold at departure for up to 5 minutes. Our goal is not to leave anyone too far behind. So take it easy, get you a drink, and enjoy the trip!

We hope you can make it!
For more Bush Divers stuff, check out our Discord .

Additional files:
MSFS Flight Plan: BDI - Quebec.pln (17.8 KB)
MSFS Flight Plan for Xbox: BDI - Quebec (Xbox Approximate).pln (3.4 KB)
(Do note that the Xbox flight plan only covers portions of the departure and arrival as navaids in this area are sparse, just follow along and shout if you get lost!)
LittleNavMap Flight Plan: BDI - Quebec.lnmpln (14.2 KB)

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Nice flight plan! Sad to have missed it since you landed in my home lake (Sept-Iles CSP8). Hoping it was great.

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Went fairly well! Hopefully you can make it for our next adventure: Saturday, August 21 at 1900 UTC.