The Christmas Edition of the Tasmanian Scenery Pack

The premium MSFS Iconic Scenery Pack for Tasmania. This Pack is a special edition celebrating the Sixth Test Cricket Match to be hosted here is Tassie in January 2022. The pack features “All” of our Tasmanian scenery to date

Included in the pack is the Famous Blundstone Arena. As a bonus for this special Edition we included is the Hobart Casino free of charge. This special offering includes some dark secrets for the eyes of Adults only. They are hard to find but be warned… The adjoining hotel has several hundred rooms and not all patrons are God fearing citizens!

You can find more information on our website

Merry Christmas and a happy new year from Avalonweb Scenery


Nice one. Do us English types get a discount having surrendered The Ashes so cheaply?


LOL! I sent you a pm!

Good morning Wivenhoe! (Aussie Time)

I very much appreciate the purchase, thank you :grinning:
I’ve just done checking emails and I believe you also purchased Bridport Airport, for which I’ve given you a refund. (It’s part of the Scenery Pack).

Happy new year to you kind sir!

PS I’m an ex-pat in Australia from Somerset, UK. So mixed emotions on the Cricket!

Loved the Aussie newspaper headline;
“Want a rapid test? Play the Poms at cricket”


Awesome bl….dy Awesome! Gotta have a look at what else you’ve created outside of Tasmania

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Just seen scenery from my mates TasPack on his sim and I’m hooked. it’s put drone piloting into a whole new dimension. What a treat!

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It’s particularly hilarious because we’ve just had to go cap-in-hand to Scotland for 3m test kits.

As always, the Ozzies outshine us Poms on the Cricket and Satire fronts. We’re still the world leaders at something though and when I remember what it is, I’ll bump this thread to mention it.

Mods, please keep open, I may be some time.