The damage done to graphics with the 1.10.7 update - with proof

First of all you’re too comparison shots are terrible.

You have different times of day, different airplanes, different weather, and different locations and altitudes.

Also notice that some graphics settings have changed over the hot fix although not everyone’s has some people have reported that some of their graphics settings have adjusted slightly.

One thing that could be an issue is using bloom, the bloom in this game is terrible simply just don’t use it.

And for another reason your bottom picture looks like it was overexposed. The only thing I could think of producing that result is that you took the picture right after you got out of the cockpit or that it was adjust in post.

I’m really sick of everyone complaining about all the little downgrades that have been made to improve performance and in this case especially that I have seen no change besides LOD changes to the lights and some adjusted lighting to the terrain. FPS on the other hand I have nothing head but improvements when the game first came out I was barely able to run 30 frames on small craft, now I’m pushing it up at some points nearly up to 90.

I don’t mean to push you down but you have no proof that your settings haven’t changed, no evidence that the pictures may have been purposely manipulated, and your comparison shots do not line up with one another.


The first screenshot was taken weeks ago. Sorry, I don’t remember where it was. The problem in graphics is so obvious that I didn’t have to get to further details to replicate it.

No. Took many screenshots.

Seriously? And why would I do that?

I agree, and if you check my other posts here, you will see that I am one of the big advocates of this sim, I have been thanking the devs for the amazing product, and have provided constructive feedback.

I didn’t know I needed forensic evidence to post my opinion here. If you need me to do something to prove to you that I am truly seeing this on my screen, I will do it. Why don’t you set DLAA yourself and see what happens?

You know what? Forget it and move on. No point talking here. You have no taste of my good will here.


Proof? Evidence?

What are you talking about?! This is not a trial!
If you don’t trust his report, why bother?

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Bloom is on in both cases. The glow around the sun is NOT under the bloom setting anymore; it is under the Lens flare setting. Also please keep in mind the first screenshot I have taken weeks ago just because I liked the scenery, not to test anything. I can’t get those graphics anymore.

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Graphics did not get worse but they introduced a bug with DLAA and you are probably one of the very few that use that AA method.

There are many performance guides for MSFS and none suggest to use DLAA, instead TAA is the recommended method.
See the guide here [HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (10/29/2020)


I concur, I draw the same conclusions too: My 2070 SUPER 4K settings and suggestions - episode 2

So I’m curious to know if there is a consensus among users for the best graphics display settings post latest update? I’m using a 1440 monitor. I9-9700. rtx 2080ti. 64g ram. Crappy internet at 12mbps.


I have an nvidia card (actually ASUS 3090) and when I look at my control panel I don’t see those parameters. Where are they? And I don’t see options for let application decide, I only see use global setting. Can you help me to understand where to look? Thanks.

someone else posted a pretty extensive settings listing in another thread about this issue:

I’d say the one you’re feeling gives you the best results, for you. At least most of these posts are basis you can grow upon. In the case of my 2070 Super 4K Settings, I explain the rationale behind each setting from the perspective of how these are affecting the rendering engine from a developer perspective, while trying to balance the settings which are, in my opinion only, the most important for a flight simulator experience (for example I find no need for ultra ambient occlusion protruding dark halos around ground workers).

However some of my assumptions might be wrong, and I invite anyone knowledgeable to contribute in furthering the knowledge so that it helps more people. Looking at the feedback on the discussion it seems these are sane choices in practice, especially when reading it is positively impacting the experience of people running with lower specs gfx cards or lower res monitors too.

Sorry but if you don’t see a difference between TAA an DLAA you have really other problems… TAA is the only way to go…

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Of course I do, why do you say that? I already said on the original post that unless on TAA graphics are really bad, and it wasn’t like that before update 5.

Anyway thanks to everyone for the responses, I have some homework to do and find out how to run TAA on my system and keep FPS reasonable.

Yet you took the time to respond to every segments. If it was a waste of your time then why bother.

tomorrow i will upload a video and you can clearly see then, that the graphics are awesome again. I have set the sim on 1080 and everything on ultra with 140 render scale. No lags or anything. Just pure enjoyment!

Some user judge and don‘t tell us their settings in the sim and have even changed their system graphics (nvidia) which can cause conflicts.

Because I respect your opinion, but I cannot prove that I am honest in reporting a problem I am facing. Anyways.


There is a real bug here. I’m trying to determine the exact difference with sharpen on and off (in usercfg.opt) and ran into this over bright bug, restarting with everything the same.

This was with sharpen on

This after turning it off and reloading the sim

The only difference is that I made a mistake with the time (it lists two times) and exited back to the main menu to set the correct time where I got this

Now waiting for the game to reload from the desktop, I doubt this has anything to do with turning sharpening off.

Edit: Ah, I get it, I turned post process off completely (enabled 0) which apparently produces this super brightness. The only things I had on in the post process section were EyeAdaptation and ColorGrading, one of those is essential.

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Thanks for your great input here. In another thread, someone suggested that the chain of updates did not handle the set options right. Solution suggested is, set everything to ultra, restart the sim, then drop to previous settings.

My sun doesn’t look anything like that. Mine looks fine but I play mostly in HDR.

Exactly the same here, disabled by turning AA off or to TAA

Hot it is supposed to look, and how it looked after turning AA off.

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Here it is. I think it looks awesome and i don’t have troubles so far for now.