The desert is now a lake

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just go and fly westbound of MMML past the city

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not relevant

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Since last 2 updates, most roads in MMML area where turned into rivers, but it was fixed, now in exchange i noticed that the desert called ‘‘laguna salada’’ (salty lagoon) that has been dried out due to global warming since 1950s has turned back to its former glory hahahah that area right now is white as snow because the salt that used to be in the water remained in the ground after all the lagoon evaporated, that area its well known for off road racing and bush flying since is flat and the ground is really stiff, would you guys be kind enough to make it a desertic area again?

Have you tried to land on it? A few days back I flew to Black Rock City airport in the Nevada desert and was surprised to find it looked like a lake, even thought it was a dried out salt flat. Getting close it has an odd texture to it and the roads disappeared going into it but I was amazed that the runways was still there and I could land on it.