The downside of Streaming content

This is not meant as an antagonistic post - but is there any other game in history where the developer has so much control over the content/quality of the game/sim we have purchased? And is this the future of gaming?

The fact we are at an age that content can be streamed in real time over the internet is definitely exciting, but it comes with the pitfall that the user no longer has full control over that content…


I don’t know… I guess it depends on what kind of gaming that we’ll get in the future. I think when comparing it with other games, MSFS is probably the first one to utilise real time streaming contents for what you’re seeing. But this is because it’s a simulator. It draws from real existing data for you. Other games that are built around fictional stories and world (which the vast majority of games are anyway) probably doesn’t benefit at all from streaming contents since the data is not publicly available and but at the same time, is not vast enough to warrant the need to stream them.

You still have control over what you’re getting though. That’s why we have the data options in the setting. You turn everything off, and you’re basically using the sim in offline mode. You still need to be online for DRM validation purposes, but you won’t be streaming anything and you’ll be seeing offline textures. You’re free to make that choice if you want.

But if you don’t want to use the generic offline textures and use Bing Maps but you don’t want to stream them. You still have a choice to do so as well. You can use the Manual Cache function to paint every single Bing maps in full detail. Just make sure you prepare 2 Petabytes of SSD storage in your PC where you’ll place all your manual cached textures. Once you have all 2 Petabytes of manual cached data, you can go to the data setting and turn off all of them again. So you’ll be flying offline, no streaming, with the content that is stored locally and you have control of. They give us the freedom of choice to pick which one we want to use.

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I kind of agree. What we gain in hard drive space, we lose in quality control. I think I’d rather have world Ortho downloadable on fast SSDs. Hopefully in few years we can get a 2tb ssd for $100. I have never loved photogrammetry in this game…esp the way it slowly loads with low poly meshes.

I think asobo is infruitaing the hardcore and this is leaving an opening for Laminar to take back some market share if they can get the next gen upgrades right.

this is the case with all online games, like eso etc.
and it was known beforehand, i see no problem

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