The Dreamliner is a complete nightmare!

Things were bad enough before the patch but now! Pitched up 10 deg on final into EHAM so you cant see the runway. I had flaps no more than 20 as I know about that problem. Weight distribution was good. Speed was good so I disable the autopilot to bring the nose down so I can see and it just falls out of the sky!

On the plus side it turns much better whilst taxiing now!!


usually when the nose pitch up too high on approach on the glideslope, is because the speed is too slow.


The flap high drag problem has been solved with the last sim update. No need to land with flap 20.

+10 pitch means that the speed was not good, as @Neo4316 pointed out, it was way too low.

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Don’t agree. The only junk I see is your post.


The sim doesn’t need “saving”


Well, I think it does so cash me outside, how 'bout dat!


The sim, no, but the planes absolutely. Look no further than tragic stage of the 787 and Longitude (premium aircrafts) and 747


I recomend the 787-XE mod.


Yes, they do need work. But yeah, the sim is fine. Though I haven’t had any issues with Longitude lately (haven’t flown in about 2-3 weeks though)… But in ANY sim, the default aircraft is not very good.

I can’t fly the 787 no matter how much I want to. It’s just silly. It looks nice- even the sounds are okay, but between the limitations with the autopilot, FMC problems and half of the cockpit INOP, I have more fun with the drone cam than trying to pull off an actual flight in that thing.


As previous poster says, have you tried 787-XE? GitHub - lmk02/B787-XE: A modification of the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 787-10
It’s a free mod that tries to make the 787 a working cockpit and systems, much like the A32NX by FlyByWire

It was very bad in those first few weeks, we went from FSX with a fully operational all switches and MFDs A321 and bad scenery to a beautiful scenery and a non-functioning cockpit/MFDs/systems in the A320neo.
The FBW A32NX took me from being miserably upset and not wanting to fly the sim at all, to being happy again. It was so nice to hear that seat belt sign ping.

How’s the vnav in the XE mod? Does it follow constraints and don’t fly up like a rocket or is this still a issue?


Yeah, I avoid the aggravation. I fly QW787 in P3D if I want to fly a 787 RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, I can wait for a better implementation. They are bringing it over, so…

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The mod is minimal at best. MS/Asobo DRM’d the 787 so it can’t be modded easily and they have no plan to open it up. Development is slow, and there’s not much of a difference anyway- most things don’t work, they added a couple pages to the systems along with some other things.


That’s a great jet. Have you head any news lately about progress for MSFS? Last chatter I heard was back in October.

Yeah, I believe last I heard was they are shooting for Q3/2021. Those things can change, obviously. It will be worth the wait. Those guys don’t cut corners.

Think it’s actually Q2 2021 that was last mentioned but it’s gone very quite

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All - As was suggested in Beta by the testers, numerous bugs were allowed to remain into release. My suggestions on how to fix this have been trashed numerous times herein. Guess I like bruises, Asobo/MS, should have FIXED the core issues prior to release, hmmm, if not then, stop releasing FLUFF, and fix the issues with the ATC/NAV/AP/Planes, get all working. SO, when releasing new stuff, it does not break or modify FIXED systems, if after FLUFF release, something is broken, you know exactly where to look and what to fix.

Without fixing core issues still broken in sim, every new FLUFF release brings more stuff broken into the sim, and it will take longer and more money to fix because you have no idea if it was “release bug/broken thing”, or released with the new stuff. But my suggestions fall on deaf ears. I have not flown in over month because every time I do, the game makes me so mad things don’t work like they should, I just throw up my hands and quit. I do keep it up to date, but when fly FSX for me, old, grainy but IT WORKS. My wrist problem has been diagnosed as sprained tendons, shot of cortisone into those and much better, going to give hand another week, then off to the flying.


Just because you suggested something that doesn’t mean they have to follow it. You have said your piece, you have given them the recommendation. But ultimately, that’s the only thing you can do. The decision whether to follow your recommendation or follow in another direction is entirely up to them.

I’m not arguing that your recommendation is wrong. I’m actually saying that your recommendation is one of the valid ways that we can go about with the future of this sim. But that’s just one of the valid ways. Other people may think differently, and their argumentation may be equally valid as well.

Sometimes it’s easy to be biased that “my way is the correct way” and that if that’s the case then “other people’s way is the wrong way.” But when we put ourselves in the position of other people who would think the same way, then it would be that “their way is the only correct way” and “my way is the wrong way.” So in the end, what is the right way and the wrong way? It’s relative.

What I’m saying is, sometimes we have to accept that there are things that out of our control. We can make effort to change things with the power we have, with the things we can control. But for those that are out of our hands, there’s really no point in dwindling in them up to a point it festers in our feelings because we “have” to get what we want. The truth is, that’s life. Sometimes we don’t get what we want. Sometimes we get the opposite of what we want. But when those things are happening outside of our control, there’s really nothing else we can do about it. What we can do is to live with it, and adapt and adjust the way we think and behave to fit with the situation.

If you choose to be mad with the way the sim is, then it’s completely within your right to do so. You have a working FSX that has years of development to make it as working as it was. And you’re free to go there. This sim is a 6 months old infant, and the community is essential in pointing out what’s working, what’s not working, what’s there to improve. But that’s all that we can do. Ultimately, it’s still their decision on how to act on it. Us being upset about it, doesn’t really help anyone. It’ll actually hurt us even more. But when you make the best of what we have at the moment, while we wait for any fixes and improvements in the future. Who knows, we might actually enjoy it for what it is, rather than being upset for what we want it to be.

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Agreed, you are correct. It took two SP’'s to get FSX working correctly, and even today, sure there are things in it which are not totally correct.
Yes, this one is a baby, but the diaper needs changing a lot so to speak.

It over time will be better, and if it continues to progress, it will eclipse my hardware and have to upgrade. That will depend on it’s “state of error freeness/performance/reliability” because this year (2020) along have close to 4K with hardware upgrades and controls. That is over for me unless I see significant and mean significant progress on just the basic stuff being fixed. I am one, my decision wont make a hill of beans over the long term.