The flying eye hospital

I noticed that the topic of the unflyable eye hospital plane has popped up again in the forum.

I’m sort of wondering why no enterprising modder has taken a pop at making it flyable yet.
How much work would something like that take?
and if there is somebody out there with the skillset and the time…you know what to do. :wink:

Its a static model. You couldn’t “mod” to a flyer without the original model in 3DMax or Blender.

Good point. A bit of a reality check from somebody who knows what they are talking about.

So…without the actual model, could you take another “similar” 3d model and skin it with the assets that exist in the game?

No, it’s a static, no animations etc. You’d need the original source model in a development tool to start making all of the surfaces, doors, animations etc. Even if you had that file, it’s much easier to do that when you’re “building” the model in Max or Blender rather than retrospectively hacking into an existing one if that makes sense.