The forums seem super quiet

It seems that just shortly after the 40th anniversary edition came out that the forums got pretty quiet…whats up wit that?


Also due to the holidays…

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Yeah, casual simmers are more likely to fly after a major update with free content, and folks tend to have more time off to fly around holidays.

That was a spike in the user base.

Things seem more stable now. A consistent group of hard core simmers, and the numbers will slowly drop over the months/years, and many will spend their hundreds of hours in sim before moving to other things.

Rare is the game that gains a significant amount of players 2+ years into its life cycle.


I’ve definitely noted a massive drop off in activity here in the last six months or so.

New aircraft announcements are rare and many of the regulars seem to rarely, if at all, contribute.


Yes, I have noticed the drop in new forum topics and contributors too. I suspect that may indicate a drop in revenue and a drop in revenue may affect future enhancements. Expected though.
Hopefully, they will get the major bugs programmed for elimination before any downsizing occurs.

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It could well be a good sign meaning more and more issue’s are fixed or people are alot happier with the sim in it’s current state.
I think the Addition of a beta program, testing updates before a full release has helped.

Plus there is msfs developer forums to so some of the dev posts for issue’s may now be made there instead.


I’ve only been around for a year, but I tend to notice that the forum activity picks up steadily just prior to any update, and then steadily goes up after the update (for obvious reasons).

Then as things “stable out” it quiets down and the regulars remain active / chatty and assist the newcomers or others with issues as they arise and pop back onto the forum.


ya maybe things are stable but I mean there isn’t even much talk of that, its like no one is around, or life caught up. Well I am here hahahha

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If you mean the forum regulars, then I would have to say you are mistaken!

A ton of the regulars (like me) make posts here daily, and multiple times a day with some people.


Dead link, for me at least.

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Link may only work if you are a TL3.



The other platforms are buzzing. Like the MSFS Discord , Twitch and Reddit.

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I’m not talking about mods, which I see you’re not tagged as, at the moment, for some reason.

There were many regulars (including me) who have never earned the right to be tagged a regular.

I’m speaking of those and even some of those who are tagged as regulars.


The “Regular” title is a bit of a misnomer. It’s users who have been hand selected by staff for Trust Level 3. It’s got little to do with regularity of posting, and more to do with their attitude and behavior. Some are daily contributers, but most not.

I’ve been a forum member for about 3 years, and a daily poster since launch day. Not a day missed of at least reading the forum. That’s “regular”. But alas I’ve run afoul of the rules a few times too many with my often pointed opinion, short temper and attitude associated with it to ever have that bestowed upon me. Lol


That is pretty much what I figured the title was all about. Clearly, there are many of us who truly are “regulars”, but, uh, are not “Regular”.


I eat plenty of fiber.



Active users :wink:

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I think it’s something to do with the way the site is organised. There was a change a few weeks ago whereupon the number of topics being discussed seemed to decline.


Oooh I feel and acknowledge your pain Mate!

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Maybe true. Like you I am a ‘regular’ daily visitor to the forums. I don’t post too often because I have insufficient skills and/or knowledge to make a positive contribution, but I’ll tell you one thing for sure Mr Crunchmeister71, if I see a post by you - I read it. Succinct, to the point and useful. Thanks for your time, opinions and knowledge sharing :clap: :clap: