The game crash when plug something in the USB

When I connect my headphones (o my tablet) to my USB port, the game sometimes crashes. It happens to me two times in two days.

I have had the same problem, too. The game crashes as soon as I plug my joystick in.

This is noted by the devs in the active issues list.

This is unfortunately an known issue that MS/Asobo are working on to fix. For more info you can see the status here: - Known Issues -

For now I would suggest to plug-in all the peripherals that you want to use.

check your drivers, my windows have been updated and my drivers get crazy, i had this issue too and i was getting crazy. my solution was, unplug all usb devices, plug 1 by1 and i found that was my 7.1 headset. i uninstall the software that is used to setup the headset and inistall again and works fine until now. try to check and/or update the usb controller driver by the windows device menager. maybe that work

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Same here.
Wireless mouse just ran out of power, so I connect the mouse to its USB cable. Insta CTD.

i have this issue to, solution?

Update your drivers, I gad a similar issue like that with my headset, just updating my drivers solved the issue