The (glorious) future of scenery development is here?

Dear friends, take a look at this vid on YT…

Blender Earth Modeler Add-on | 3D Google Earth (City/Terrain) inside Blender - YouTube :sunglasses:

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Looks good, but it’s Google so we will never benefit from it in MSfs natively.

Exactly as Blueline308 said.

Typically, just mentioning them gets the thread closed. I understand why, direct competition (not in terms of flight sim, but other aspects that tie in).

Imagine the level of world detailing / modeling that could be achieved if they joined forces though?


I know its from Google but the same kind (or even better) of technology might be developed by the MSFS devs too.
I just wanted to share this, nothing more nothing less…

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Looks like a pretty good advance on what we currently have. I wonder if MS will develop their own version in due course, though it seems a bit daft when it could be possible to collaborate and share resources and development if both parties had the will to do so.

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