The Great Kowloon World Tree

What are they feeding this thing?


That’s no bonzai…

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The Na‘vi accepted you to fly around their tree?

Turuk Makto style

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…please go back and get a screenshoit next to the trunk… for scale…

Don’t worry the airplane gremlins got me shortly thereafter at their behest.

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It was really flickery, an LOD issue I believe, so when I got close it disappeared. I think I need to reset my rolling cache or something lol

Absolutely, I do that everytime I change the area. Good results so far

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weird I may have to go take a look for myself…its in Hing KonG?

For me this was just to the west of Kowloon, across the strait from HK on a little island. It may not be reproducible, but my trees are set to ultra and it seems to cause some mayhem with my drivers or something.

Tree: “I shall NOT be moved.”