The great Pushback Tug Culling (or location fix)

Ok, maybe the tugs don’t need to be completely removed, but can the tugs be moved further away from the aircraft, and then be given a slightly faster speed to compensate to not increase waiting time if one does request their usage (after watching them drive into through the plane, try to connect to the tail, and then snap onto the nose wheel).

There are many times I start on designated airplane spawn point, that it’s very clear I can just move forward into the taxi path, but instead, I have to look at this idiot ready to become chunky bits the moment I start my engines.

Also, the electric truck needs to be also be able to allowed to drive away to make room, should, oh, you know, the path behind me is blocked by 20 other GA planes.

Ok, thought. “a move away from aircraft” option. Electrical Truck and Tug operator move away from the front of the aircraft to the side of the wings, leaving a clear forward path.

please. not every aircraft start needs to be started with a push back.

Agreed, often the AI pilot cannot steer the GA aircraft and line it up correctly for parking, because the TUG Driver is in the way.
Its both a Distance issue, and a position relative to the desired parking heading of the plane.

Basically, too many of the Ground Crew are “in the way”

One easy to add FIX might be…
If your beacon light is on, everyone moves away to at least x feet (except the tug driver)

additionally, if your beacon is on, Tug driver looks in your direction !!!
At other times, he can be taking his Nap !!