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As a work around to the overly bright sun and stupid “eye adaption” effect that can make the cockpit too dark depending on where the camera is I have started to do a work around.

All flights during the day are set to preset weather “overcast” this prevents the sunlight coming through and ruining the visuals but still allows flights in day light. The other thing I do is manually adjust time to be sunrise/sunset.

I REALLY wish there was some official acceptance of the issue existing rather than the deafening silence.


Have you tried to disable bloom in settings and set EyeAdaption to 0 in the .cfg file?

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Doesn‘t help, at least here. It‘s less bloomy, but the whiteout is still the same.


Yes, tried to turn the bloom off and the eye adaption does nothing…its been the bane of my enjoyment for some time now. Especially in a sim that prides it self on the visuals.


I dont know if you use hdr, but i would say set it less bright in window graphics

I actually dont use HDR at all. Its hard to explain it but here it is in pictures. They literally need to include the option to turn this effect off.

The fact its not even acknowledged its madness. I have asked mods to merge votes on dark cockpit/washed out colours etc and that would give the issue way more votes but nothings been done.

I’ve even raised in Zendesk and 5 weeks later the ticket sits as open…


Here i have some questions for you i would like to know about.
These i would like to know on how to continue to try and give some support on troubleshoot to your work around about “to brite sunlight, and to dark cockpit”. Which as far as i understand seems out of balance, and to get it acceptable only flying with overcast.

Now my 1st question is: Does your monitor support HDR , and if it does; what resolution do
you have set it in the sim.

            2nd                    : What is said in your usercfg.opt under HDR10 
            3th                     :  How are gamma and briteness settings of your monitor, along with digital 
                                          vibration these you can find in graphics card controlpanel.

Maybe it is possible for you to provide with some screenshots of them as i would like to try and help you and or maybe other people will see thing that we might overlook, but lets try one at the time to find a solution to find you flying around in al sorts of weathertypes with a Britse grin on your face that reflect in the monitorscreen so you dont need to turn flashlight on to read your cockpit monitors.

Let’s give it a try

Is this possibly monitor related? I have a standard 1080p non-HDR with factory settings and have never noticed that the daylight would be too bright.

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SU5 introduced a change to Eye Adaption.

For my liking making it too bright as opposed to previous.

One can fiddle with the UserCFG, but one shouldn’t have to especially as you never know what surprises it holds down the line.

2K, non-HDR monitor. 2070S.

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It’s the same for everyone. I remember after Su5 there where lot’s of topics about the sim being to bright in some conditions. It might be worse for some and monitor/settings can make it better/worse. But the overal image is definately brighter. I believe asobo responded to this with a fix coming in the next sim update (not sure though)

Turning off bloom works. I’ve also turned off color grading in the user.cfg. Turning off eye adaption didn’t do anything for me.

To further enhance the image i use nvida gamefilter. Press ALT+F3 ingame to open this. (only for nvidia cards/geforce experience) Turning off color grading makes all the colors a bit dull so you’ll need to modify it with game filter (add some contrast etc. ). But atleast the overexposed whites can be almost fully eliminated.


Well, not for me. I haven’t noticed any change in the brightness. If there is one, it is so subtle that it really doesn’t bother me.

Noticing this too. I have played around endlessly with NVCP, game filter, usercfg etc trying to get the lighting back to what it was like pre SU5 but have not been totally successful. I wish what ever they changed they would change it back.

In fact going back to how the sim looked last August would be the best thing for me. At least I can go back and look at the vids I recorded last August and lament the past like the grumpy old man I am starting to become.

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Well very good for you. Would you accept that others might be bothered?



Can you point me out to where I can find the user.cfg?

My sim is run on a 55" Sony X950G tv. Prior to SU5 this never was an issue for me and only has been in place since SU5.

Yes, was just correcting the false statement that it would be the same for everyone.

I have to say however, when I read all these “never had this before SU5”, my sceptic antennas activate.


Try a clear sky sunny day and pan the camera up slightly in in an airliner cockpit then pan it much more downward and you should see the effect.

Thats an extreme example of replicating it but in general they have done something to the sunshine too. Just a yes/no we have or havent changed it would be a great start and then a toggle to turn it off…

Sure, you seem to have a different game then everyone else then. highly possible ofcourse!

It’s the same for everyone. You might have a setting/display combination wich would make it less visible for you sure, or you might be less bothered by it then others, so consider yourself lucky.

But everyone is playing the same game. When asobo changes something in the lighting, this change will be there for everyone. Wether you see it or not has nothing to do with it.

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If it was the monitor it wouldn’t show up in the screenshots.

For me the sun has a realistic glare (the sun is supposed to be bright), and the eye adaptation is a great simulation of what our eyes actually do.

Love it.

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Might be useful in VR not very helpful for me. Hence why I suggested a toggle.

Using a slightly higher view in cockpit makes it too dark and the outside looks awful as per screenshots. Glare isnt being debated here but the effect and impact on user experience.