The life of a vampire

Might be useful in VR not very helpful for me. Hence why I suggested a toggle.

Using a slightly higher view in cockpit makes it too dark and the outside looks awful as per screenshots. Glare isnt being debated here but the effect and impact on user experience.

Clearly a very personal opinion as the screenshots look absolutely fine to me. I think you’ll have a tough time convincing Zendesk that there’s anything wrong with them.

And I don’t use VR.

So the screenshot where its looking downwards its not overly bright outside compared to the other one?

Also, I’m not trying to be confrontational but you’ll see that despite it being fine or great for you many other in the thread suffer from the same issue as me…

Actually the whole problem is far worse in VR as we have no ability to adjust hardware headset brightness and no ability to use software adjustments like ReShade, Nvidia control panel etc. One of the top voted topics in the VR wishlist is the below, hopefully if they implemented this it would be for both VR and 2d:


I also found out that disabling “Color grading” and “Sharpen” in the usercfg.opt improved the clouds a lot again. Not saying fully restored to PreSU5, but ways better than as it is now out of the box.

I don’t believe I have a solve for your question, but related to it, here is a topic about this you might want to check out to see if you agree with:

[BUG/FEATURE] Implement a metering system better suited for VR

Can you point me out to where I can find the user.cfg?

Yes i probably can, if you dont see it it will probably that some files are hidden and you have to solve that first.
Do as follow; show hidden content or items in menu bar screensettings like in the picture

If you set this

Select from desktop > this computer > users > username > AppData > Local > Packages > Microsoft_8wekyb3d8bbwe > LocalCache, look here to find this file, " UserCfg.Opt" without quotes.
This file can be opened up with a notepad editor if you click on the right mouse button and select to opened with, you get a menu with choice to select with what program to open the file, so here you select “notepad”

Now i see in the specs of your tv that it has hdr10 on board so it support this.
So in the top of the file you have just opened, in the 8th line it says “HDR10” and then followed
by a 0 or 1, now this means for 0 is off and 1 is on

You can try if on turn it to off or vice versa see whats fit best for you
Although where not finished yet i will continue in a New post in The life of a vampire

disabling sharpen filter only made my image very blurry.

I don’t doubt that a small number of users consider the brightness overdone, but that doesn’t justify your comments that the sun is ‘overly bright’ (something the vast majority of users, including myself, seem not to think), and that the eye adaptation is ‘stupid’.

Right. I get it now. You are talking about the eye adaptation emulation. No, that really doesn’t bother me at all, doesn’t affect my flying in any way, shape or form.

If that annoys some, probably best to add a toggle for it in the settings.

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You didnt really answer my question about the screenshots. Does that look normal to you? Bearing in mind I’m looking at a 2D screen.

So here is part two on this description on hdr10 setup

For this to work in my previous post on this i said hdr10 in the UserCfg.Opt should be set to 1
Now on your taskbar and in the search box there type Windows HD Color Settings
It should bring you here

You can set this up like this

When you scroll down the page you see this

I prefer the slider setting on around 30 but you got to find your balance so that it blends in on different situation although i set this in game with freestyle where you can make 3 profiles
But that comes later but keep it in mind.
What it does can be seen on my youtube channel
Here is the link.

Well its a bit more blurry, but helped too smoothen out the cloud edges and all in all made them look more believable… at least for me

Im preparing also a video on freestyle nvidia experience settings where you can easy find your settings and control HDR, Bloom, Sharpening Contrast, Saturation , Gamma Settings .
Not shure if you use Nvidia but there must be some similair programs for Amd.
Though freestyle has to be activated in the experience settings.

Here the link of the video with in game freestyle i didnt comment in the video and it is also without sound, but it shows what can be done in the sim, working with these sliders, i hope you will get your grin back, and make it shine brite on your tv i hope your life get better vampire

Watch till the end it is less than ten minutes

altough many people will state that it is broken i say you can archive even if some don’t believe.

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Hey man,

Thanks for taking the time to show me that. I will download Nvidia freestyle and see what settings I can use to make it enjoyable again! :slight_smile:

I think I finally got mine to my liking. I am using a 4k HDR TV. Left cfg. to defaults. I think these settings are now “optimized” for HDR TVs since the xbox release. Changed my output source on TV to Game console and game mode. This gave me a pretty noisy picture especially over water so used TV settings to bring down sharpness and contrast a bit.

In sim;
Bloom off
HDR on

Tweaked colors gamma etc. to my liking and use these settings
SU5 graphics quality - #629 by scriptkid scroll down a bit
Of course your mileage may vary. SDR monitors especially. I think they have it defaulted/changed things now to look best on HDR 4k TVs to suite Xbox

And now just in time for a hotfix. Hope it dos not put me back to square one :grinning:

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A good tip, I have noticed this by accident when tweaking the cloud layers and their density.

The game still has its bleached over bright look that arrived with SU5. Another thing that helps me immensely with this is ReShade. Its been a lifesaver against the bleached world of MSFS.


In the same way as we have a torch option for night time cold and dark, perhaps they could put a sunglasses option for during the day? Serious suggestion…

So what just happened here?

Did someone complain that the sim was changed (broken) but they then adjusted some settings and the sim now works?