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No, what happened the sim was broken with some random effect added or exaggerated in SU5 and to “work around” NOT FIX like it was before you have to use nVidia overlays and filters.

You should probably should stick to staying the the basement playing pretend pilot man. That way no one will need to doubt if any intelligence exists in your head.


Please don’t exaggerate, the sim is not “broken” because of the added eye adaptation feature. The sim is broken for those who cannot start it or experience constant CTDs. Not for anyone else, just because there are features or bugs we don’t like.

ReShade sounds nice! Can you share a link to a tutorial? I would be highly interested since this bleached / bright / dull new kind of lighting was one of the immersion killers for me since SU5

All raging aside…I think if you introduce a feature it should be a) something that people want b) be useful and c) have the ability to turn it off (especially if people didnt ask for it in the first place)

For now I’m satisfied with having to use some 3rd party filter on an issue and I would emphasize that it is an issue, to make the sim enjoyable for me. Having a super bright outside or a dark cockpit isnt the best compromise in the sim.

Here is the website to download:

  1. Download ReShade
  2. Launch it. It will scan for games.
  3. Select msfs2020.exe
  4. Select only these packages ”Legacy standard effects”
  5. Select the Uncheck All option
  6. Now go down the list and select these effects:

  1. Once selected proceed to next step. Installation will end
  2. Start MSFS, if you did it right you will see a ReShade message.
  3. The HOME key brings up the ReShade GUI
  4. This GUI has all the effects and each effect has a slider. Play around with effects and their strength.

For a start try the Adaptive Sharpening filter followed by the Colour filter. Press Home again to hide the GUI. Any questions let me know. You can set hotkeys for any effect but that can come later, first get comfortable playing with effects.

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I agree with b). a) is highly subjective, and therefore b) is important.

Why don’t you just turn it off in the usercfg?

Doesnt actually make a difference (as many others have said). I guess maybe in future it might become toggleable?

Thanks for this detailled manual! Pitifully i have installed the version of MS Store and it doesnt display neither the game in the list nor i can access the flightsimulator.exe in the spcific folder under C: :confused:

Yes; end user tweaks helped but if I could have it the way it was last august I would jump there in a minute. That’s the point.

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Also these software adjustments are not available for VR flyers

In the windows taskbar search type flightsimulator.exe and op this map thats mentioned there, if you see coherentdraw.dll thats the folder you look for in here it is the real flightsimulator.exe, but you better not fooi around with these files so be aware and warned

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I just followed a YT video how to inject the reshare directly into MSFS2020… worked for me, but i still need to find out what settings look best.

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I wonder people always say something is broken, but actually it is very clever of asobo if they let the graphics hardware handler do it them selfs, because there is many different type of monitor, tv or do i know what else.
Our hardware can do so much more and it is there with our graphics card we just have to take some time to learn.

When i started with computers i did not know anything about it so i had to learn how commands were used to get the thing running, but through simming i learned all that i know today without forum or anything else, it was that way and always will be that way,

First man that walked the earth uneducated had to find out all for himself, then people learn to grawl and today we call this communication because man decide that everybody must understand.
We are in this together so instead of pointing we can enjoy what we have, 7 out of 10 will have there settings to high, for what their system performance can handle, but won’t acknowledge, because we all want to be at London or New York to get a glimpse of were the sim wears off, instead enjoy smaller airfield you wil have it all there even on older machines.

People mod all the time while not asking them selfs, will it break my settings?
Also they want it to look like real as it gets.
In the development of the sim they use many technics and all these have there owm particular way of handling, so accept and learn maybe you will be the next launcher of simulator or something like that.

Just play with these programs and check if there is more than one filter, because inside the cockpit differs from outside the plane because of the windshield i also throw in some sepia effect, it makes more natural colours offcourse this depend if you start with green or blue colorthan and their saturation strongness

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Oh no :frowning:

I cannot be sure about this but I think I have read that MS Store version of MSFS does not work with ReShade :frowning:

Do you have an nVidia card? Because if you do you can download free GeForce Experience which has filters just like ReShade. See here:

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Thanks, but no worries mate! :slight_smile:
Yes i have a Nvidia card and already tested the “FreeStyle” feature they offer in GeForce Experience. But i was not satisfied, because it did not provide the filters i was looking for or maybe i was too stupid to use them correctly :smiley:
So i went along with the tutorial of this guy here:

Still have to find out how to adjust the filters so i benefit from them, because right now im torn back and forth with the outcome.

Maybe i will find somewhere a MSFS2020 preset of the settings for these filters so i dont have to mess around myself and rather uglify it. :smiley:

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Take a chill pill. It ain’t the end of the world.

The sim works great for me so obviously it ain’t ‘broken’. Many, many more people are enjoying the sim without pain. My biggest complaint, at the moment, is that they removed the ENTER key from the UI.

I looked at some old vids I dumped last year. There is no difference in the visuals that I can detect. Complainers post pictures of what they think is a visual bug but neither myself nor others can see anything wrong.

Still others post loud cries of pain, apparently because their systems aren’t up to spec or are so laden with kruft that there’s not enough cycles left to do anything. If you don’t know how to keep your system clean, you prolly can’t fix MSFS issues, either.

:bulb: I also have a too bright horizon.

This is a “feature”, stop overthinking it. Asobo should just let people disable it.

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