The lonely skies. Where are the AI planes?!

even at 100% I seem to never see AI airplane traffic. At the airport I see a lot of parked planes, but nothing moving. Really makes it a lifeless simulator. Guess I can try real traffic, but then I have planes floating around and jumping with that. It was very odd as well. Am I missing something on the traffic settings?

Weird I’m always fighting over the approach with inbound landing AI and reporting traffic in sight to ATC.

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Legit I am always on final with like three other planes and 8/10 times I am asked to go around if I have AI planes at 100 because they never leave the runway within an hour of landing.


Check your settings and maybe it’s a connection issue? I have been seeing a lot of traffic as of late in my sim.

I would prefer to see more multiplayer aircraft, to be honest.

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So true! They literally just sit on the runway :joy:

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Can you now ramp up the AI traffic without ATC being swamped by spam “expedite” or “proximity warning” calls?

A large problem is missing more real world aircraft. There’s so many varieties of aircraft that make up air traffic that aren’t in the sim. I’d really love for them to add some more of the most widely used aircraft, even if just as AI to flesh it out more.

Hell, I’d even just take an improvement where the current AI doesn’t immediately disappear after landing, or when they do stick around, exit the runway when they should rather then running to the end preventing other aircraft landing. Maybe also fixing the rotating landing gear bug on them or increase the draw distance of their landing gear. There’s a lot to do basically.


@Dalwhat No I don’t think so, but I don’t use ATC and just turn it off. It constantly yelling at AI and real-time traffic was terrible.

@DaveBGaming That’s all i’m looking for. Just similar to FSX AI were it created some “life” in the sim. I tried multiplayer but that was a comical joke of insanity. Nothing like DCS multiplayer.

Anyone know of a mod for this?

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Yes they do. I was low on fuel and had circled a few times but made the decision to land when I was waved off. Thundered in touched down and just missed the AI plane sitting on the runway. ATC was not pleased with me, ha ha

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