The Most Disappointing update

I’m not the CEO here, but I see the lag in work pride here.

In my opinion a Update is a digital way for software developers to fine-tune a product, to make it the best it can be.

But in this case, is not the best it can be.

When we see back how the company launches and advertises the simulator as a virtual beauty and now, downgrade the virtual beauty to meet the requirement for the Xbox.

I can not agree with that policy having two different systems (PC and Xbox) in same version and under the same update.

Regarding all bugs
It clearly shows that the Quality Control is not present for this software company, otherwise they would have caught all the small mistakes and bugs.


Two sides of the coin here…. Those having a very bad time with the update, and those loving the new update. Depending on what side of the coin you are on will fuel your response. I have been playing both PC and Xbox X and luckily, I am on the right side of the coin.


Well, update is imo the best ever.
But there are so many pc’s, with all kind of different hardware, there might be combos that are giving trouble with MSFS, but fortunately not in my case, maybe i’m one of the lucky guys.


This update has been the best yet, and the first where I haven’t had problems. I’ve also noticed a marked improvement in graphics quality, and textures sharper at altitude.

And it’s smooth, silky smooth. There have been no graphical downgrades, not for me anyway. LOD is also greatly improved.

SU5 10/10


I believe history will be kind to this update but there are a lot of hiccups right now. I believe they will all be addressed by the community soon.

I raised my LOD to 500 last night and even with that it is no where near what it use to be lol


Same it’s awful can’t fly in VFR now because of that they didn’t improve the performance they just forcibly lowered the graphics for all pc gamers without them having any way to modify them, this is the most shameful downgrade i have seen…


I have no desire to play this game after reading about the downgrades. I used to play it all the time 1994-2006 and looked forward to the upgrades and built PCs specifically to play the game as it was released. Due to PC shortage, I saved several thousand on this albatross. Hopefully they will eventually make it what it could be and by then I’ll get a 13th gen I9, DDR5 RAM and RTX-4090.


Agreed. I paid quite a bit of money for FS and I’m completely aghast at the total gakking I’ve seen over the last 6 months. CTDs all day. When it works it has 5 to 30 sec pauses. Unplayable.

Amazing how the took the time to put fingerprints on the display screens but never bother to make THE BASICS work. Pathetic response from MS and ASOBO. They should be ashamed of this mess.


I agree, same here.

Sad. I’m not playing this anymore until this is fixed. And I used to TOTALLY LOVE this game.


The draw distance in general & photogrammetry draw distance were already pretty bad before SU5. Now it’s truly terrible. Why do people that have higher end machines have to suffer for those who don’t, especially when a simple draw distance slider would accommodate everyone.


This New York City Area looking good in ultra LOL
System specs
2080 Ti
i9 9900K
32Gb Ram
Sim is on an SSD Drive


God that looks bad. I feared with the announcement of a console version that PC players were going to get mugged off. We have been.


Its even worse in VR i literally see objects pop up just infront of me , before i just saw that in airports which was annoying also , now its everywhere, also colours are more washed out , they took every complain and just made it worse

I dont get this , me too i wasnt happy about the perf before su5 but there was a solution , to save money and get better parts , now even a 10000$ build wont solve it

yeah that looks horrendous and it was only using 3,900 MB of memory out of the 32GB over New York City so yeah that saids it all lol


Can someone with connections in the tech industry provide direct feedback to MS or Asobo? Otherwise it’s like spitting in the ocean.

MSFS was a showcase game. Now it’s just another Xbox game. Don’t see how Xbox makes them any money, since most will purchase on game pass anyways, and there’s console shortage. Seems a stupid decision, to annoy sim community who has waited over a decade for something decent.


Perhaps it is all about the the lucre.

I also had high hopes for what this U/Date was going to bring to the sim, but, was very disappointed
that it was only CTD’s very frequently. Would even crash on trying to open a sightseeing flight. The few short flights I managed to get airborne with would CTD when on approaching to land. The screen freezes
for 10-15secs is bad also.!! Got a fairly high end sys with 32gb of ram, that cost me $3700, so what is going on Microsoft. Hurry up with a fix please.

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Well, have not touched the sim in a month. Hardcore simnerd for 35 years.

A year down the road and reading the forums is like 2020 all over again.

This is the sim.

Every update will be a winner and looser for simmers, wanna put up with that? I am getting tired of it. These are not growing pains, they are design flaws. The update system is atrocious. It will not change. Every 2-3 weeks community mods will break.

It is an endless cycle of self spanking and my rear is getting red.