The most the least

What do you like the most about MSFS and what do you like the least?

The most: looking to the cockpits, the realistic landscape and the light effects, remembering the old days of few pixels in FS1.
The least: waiting ages loading the updates, the initial screen and the various sections.

I concur, the loading times are the most annoying thing about this game, when setting up a new configuration starting and restarting can add up to a a couple of hours.

What do I like? the experience once it has actually started!

The visuals for the most part,simple ui to navigate around the sim.
The least the performance,it could be smooth one day and the next day a stutter fest

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What I like most about it is that when it’s running like it should it is simply stunning when flying over certain places. Like yesterday I traveled all around the Portuguese island of Madeira. Pulled up Google Earth on my second monitor and found some breathtaking scenery and with the POI’s from Google Earth you can gain a wealth of knowledge through use of the internet and really enjoy the experience for both the beauty aspect as well as an educational experience. :smiley:

What I like least about it is that when it’s not running like it should. Then there is nothing at all to enjoy and none of the above applies. :disappointed:

What I like most are the recent updates. Now I can take a screenshot instead of a video, since they look the same!

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