The MSFS community is awesome: rotating beacon on top of KSEE Gillespie tower

I’m so amazed what you can do by following a Youtube tutorial (thank you Fying Theston : [020] Creating Animated Scenery - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 SDK Tutorials - YouTube). Ok, you need also to look at MSFS Scenery Editor and Blender :slight_smile: But all this for free. So much to learn.

My little Gillespie (KSEE) airport scenery should have soon this rotating beacon at night. Look at this video:

A big thank you to all who share their knowledge to beginner like me.


That’s awesome, man! I love your Cali airports, highly recommend that everyone DL them.

In case any budding scenery designer sees this, there is a default library object of a rotating beacon. The object is named, “AS_EDJA_Beacon”.

My Blender skills are horribad, so I placed that beacon atop a default tower.

I discovered it when reading this library asset guide for default and 40th edition content, MSFS 2020 SDK - Microsoft and Asobo Assets Guide » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Here is a categorized list of default assets to be used by scenery developers. Mainly buildings are included.

The objects belong to the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS 2020, actualized until 40th anniversary.

Only sceneries from Microsoft and Asobo were utilized.

This is a complement of the excellent work made by FlyBoyRez1.

Hope it will be useful.

Also, this library of open hangars includes open hangars which are ready to drop into the sim, and it also includes Blender project files so you can customize them to your needs. Open Hangar Library » Microsoft Flight Simulator

I know that a lot of people don’t like to use libraries, but this library of vintage aircraft has a number of really nice low poly models which spice up those open hangars. Some of the models are very nice considering they are low poly objects.

Vintage Aircraft collector library V 2 » Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Wonderful finding! Thank you. I’m already a huge fan of the FlyBoyRez1 PDF which is a priceless ressource for scenery builder like me who don’t have the Blender/Sketchup skills to make all of the needed buildings. The AS_EDJA_Beacon is cool indeed… now that I’ve made a worst one :wink: ! Let’s say it was satisfying to experiment my first Blender animation exported to MSFS :wink: The Red_Beacon is perfect for my upgraded Gillespie :wink:

This initiative from Windover user at is remarkable. I’m part of those who don’t want users download extra library just for one object so I keep all inside mine. Thank you again for sharing this resource.

As most (if not all) of these models are made by Emmanuel Baranger (a huge thanks to him!), they are accessible for free to be imported in Blender and added in your own scenery. Have a look at I personanly, used the R44 and Dauphin for my Le Touquet scenery and the Stearman for my Oceano airports.

Thanks, Vincent.

I like the way your beacon casts light on the hangars.

Appreciate the link to Emmanuel’s content!

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Self correction: this one is better 3D models by helijah - Sketchfab

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