The MSFS update process - the digital equivalent of a Rube Goldberg Machine?

It also make no sense to ignore smart people, who you do not even have to hire or pay, who are prepared to share their Smartness (Smartness & Knowledge that you may or may not have already) for free.


The problem is that there’s a growing number of people that are having issues with the update process. Not only is it affecting a lot of PC users, but Xbox users are also experiencing the same issues. THere are a bunch of Xbox folks who’ve bought MSFS on launch day and still haven’t managed to get past the update screen due to download loops, decompression loops, or other issues - all the same issues people have been reporting with the PC version since last August.

The difference is that now, they can’t dismiss it as being caused by community mods, different hardware configs, edited core game files, peripherals, etc as the cause as they have been. None of those are applicable on Xbox. They have to fix their launcher / updater.

So now is actually a perfect time for them to do something like this. They’re going to be in there recoding it anyway. Why not streamline the process and make it far more user friendly than this contrived multi-step process that is it now.


A very good point …

I definitely don’t disagree with you, I think it’s just a case of which bite of the elephant to take first.

I agree with everything, much more logical than the current messy system.

I’d just like them to fix it once and for all. This is getting ridiculous that it’s still this bad after a year.

I actually have no issues with the updater process itself, just the lack of clear documentation on the processes involved.
Maybe those instructions should be presented to the user, when they are required to update, and not just “assumed” they know what to do.

It’s pretty clear to me that the corporate powers that be probably forced the initial release of this about a year too early. And then forced the XBox version at least a couple of months too early. I actually feel sorry for Asobo, because I think they’ve done some amazing work in this sim.

The update process like several other things in the sim seem like they were probably thrown together at the last minute under duress, in order to meet the deadlines. You probably had various dev teams working on various parts of the sim, and when discussions about how to consolidate everything for installs and updates came up, they probably sounded like, “Yeah, uh, we’ve still got time to worry about that later.” Then later came and the clock had run out, so here we are.


You forgot to mention that the graphics card is boiled with hundreds of watts at 100% load during the x hour-long update. And that since the beginning.


That’s technically not the install process. That’s the rendering team not putting a frame limiter on when not in the actual sim.

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:
Technically not … But an really nice Easter egg in the updater.

Well, I’ve gotten used to clocking the graphics card to a minimum during the update. I can save myself the 450 watts.

I think if anything, that’s an issues of corners being cut to deliver a product faster with the “we’ll go back and fix it later” mentality. Only later never comes.


As I see it, Asobo is a good developer of console software.
But they have little idea of real PC Hardware.
Here in Germany they call it a “Stümper”

yes thousands of death graphic cards later :joy:

But ok, amazon was a litlle bit faster.

@Crunchmeister71 have just read in their job postings that they were looking for a PC specialist. Ahhh

It is asking too much, because:

  • This is a “10 year journey”, or more accurately - a “10 year alpha test” :crazy_face:
  • The circus tent has been pitched, or more accurately - customers already paid :clown_face:

These are my thoughts on digital equivalencies. :nerd_face:

All that needs to be done is to focus on aviation; from there all will be well, but that is asking too much here too, so the problems and confusion will continue, perhaps for 10 years.

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let’s see who will win the race next.
FS2020 vs. XP12
Alpha vs. Beta

With you 110%. And from a comment made above, Microsoft/Asobo is requesting our advice on what needs to be improved about the process. Amazing!


For example, the approach flyback bug was reported on 20th august, 2020. Several hundreds of bug reports , articles and “phd thesis” have been written about it since then.

Today is 6th august 2021. Since 20th august 2020 I’ve quit my old job, retrained, got two better jobs, then quit one of them for another better one with better pay, all while helping my cousin financially with her medical school studies.

Do you know what Jorg has been doing so far about this bug in the meantime?

Nothing . nada. zilch

20th August, 2020 ILS Approach Waypoint runaround

September 2020 [with 490 votes]: Approach flyback bug - Not fixed as stated in SU5

Yes we need more pretty screenshots to advertise this scenery arcade console entertainment video game masquerading and being falsely advertised as a ‘flight’ simulator. Maybe hiring six more community managers will sort it all out? I don’t know. But one thing I now know for sure, that MSFS 2020 got nothing to do with aviation and flight simulation. I was sold a console video game, and SU5 is the evidence.


Don’t know if it has been said above. But what if we just took one step, only merge the store with sim update. The optional stuff can stay where it is for now. See where we are afrer that and improve from there when needed. I would opt for updating from the store not from the sim.

That would be a huge improvement, as most of the update issues people have come from that initial in-sim update.


You are correct