The need for patience in the Marketplace on XBox

Frustrating waiting for the Marketplace to be populated. I almost bought the Husky just so I had bought something, then I looked at Carenado’s C170B, but realised there are comparable aircraft within the sim. Just need to be patient.

It would be nice to have a date to look forward to, I read 12th August but it wasn’t a release from a developer or MSFS.

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I’m enjoying the vanilla sim - there’s plenty in it to start with before I need to add to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Definitely the case for new users.

The issue I face is I have came away from pc and a years worth of paid and free addons, it just feels a little bare right now but overall I am loving the simplicity of just booting up and flying, not fps chasing!

I am sure the marketplace will gain legs over the coming weeks, lots of things to look forward to :+1:

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“18 days later”

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The marketplace for the Xbox version is very sparse. I am disappointed too

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