The new patch for 183 made things worse. Any one else feel like a beta tester?

hi I am flying the A320after the patch the game seems to be in worse shape than before.

  1. when you D/L the patch. The game or at least the D/L gets stuck at around 10gb.

  2. The before engine start checklist get stuck at starting the APU A320. I havent check other planes

  3. The performance still says 49%CPU and 60% Memory least the A320 Autopilot has the same bugs as it did before the AP will not respond to user inputs at least not after trying a few times. climb and maintain 260,00ft from 14,000. you can set it and it ““MAY”” start the climb usually will at the start. then it will deside to drop

  1. After take off the plane assends at 5000+ Vspeed. What is this were not at the boeing field testing planes. Normal take off is 1800 to 2400.

  2. The autopilot after you manage to descend the plane the speed get stuck on Mach setting. You can not change it back to kts.

These are just a few things that I have found in the first 10 mins of game play. The testers and devs should have seen this before they released it.

For now the game is totally unplayable using the AP. Microsoft your killing the game. will I have to wait another week to fix these things?


Hey you need to be patient. All sims are released broken. Third party developers are going to come in and fix everything. You may have to pay more, but that’s how it goes in sims. You need to enjoy the game for the breathtaking achievement that it is now.


this is what they said was fixed wasnt it?

Agreed for the airliners. The b787 is a complete mess now. On approach, the app hold kept switching to Loc mode and wouldn’t intercept the glideslope. The autothrust don’t seems to work anymore. Worst, unable to pull the nose up during landing to flare and plane simply nosedive to the ground, simply out of control. Now after patch 2 i can’t even use b787 anymore. Please rolll back the update for now!

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There’s a 10 year plan! Or a promise of a plan. There’s something. Just watch the live stream.

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so u are buy an…dryer for example…then u wait untill 3rd party to fix it so u can use it?..
i don’t think so…
we pay 4 an produkt…so it should already function 90-99% and not beta being still beta tester’s

so where to put my issues?


Clearly not familiar with my other honorable work on these forums.


and we will continue to spend money forever … microsoft has promised us something and, for now, it is not fulfilling the main …


were just saying if you buy a product no matter what it is it should work as advertised not buy it then wait some time for it to work properly.

I can see 99% of it working but the AP is fairly simple to do set the AP for 24000ft it should go up not down then they say they fixed it and it still goes down, except this time you cant control it

I know. I completely agree. My last few posts to threads where people are pointing out enormous deficiencies in a patch of all things are reflecting my frustration with numerous members on these forums flaming me because I’ve been advocating for some responsibility from the developer over the last couple of weeks. I know that sarcasm doesn’t translate well, so I apologize.

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This is a totally not helpful reply as far as any of the problems the OP is having.

Third party developers are not going to fix basic architecture and reliability issues with be game. Nor should they be expected to.

If patches are a disaster like this then maybe the 3rd party developers will think twice about hitching their wagons up to this train.


FYI FSX only had 2 patches and most of the things worked at release date


Not trying to flame here. this is not the place for that. I was just pointing out if something is broken fix it. 3rd party devs should not be held or expected to fix things that the devs should have fixed in the first place.


Not for me, the ils was captured beautifully, it glided and landed all the way through. Everything working well with the 787 on my end. They even fixed the nose gear turn speed. Only thing is after touchdown if you lift the yoke slightly for flare it tends to takeoff again that’s one thing they didn’t fix.

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Now seeing you are satirical I won’t exactly call you out.
My points stand however.
We shouldn’t have to wait for basic functionality to be working.
We also should not have tell shell out more money for 3rd party stuff such as weather that was raved about during the hyping of this game,
A Game it still is and a very unfinished one at that.
Go ahead and wait and buy all the Adonis you want, I will move on to something else if that’s the solution.


Fish Dude is being sarcastic I believe. He is as disgusted as you are about the state of the sim I think.

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For me, before the update, the 787 used to nosedive during touchdown. Now after the update I’m currently on a new flight with the 787 and hope everything would go well during the approach

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This is satire right
Lol just confirmed it is haha well done mate

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For me the patch is a big step forward.
Yes it did break some new things - pretty much any software patch of any application will do that.
Yes I do feel like a bit like a beta tester but strangely, I’m fairly ok with that…


Lol not typically
This sim is a clownshow , Microsoft is nothing if not completely consistent over the years.
First time I’ve ever developed a true love/hate with an app

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