The nice vidéo from real DC-6

I just came across this, I knew that a flight mechanic was needed to fly this plane, so much the management of the engines requires a lot of work, that the pilot and co-pilot, can’t manage between them, but I would never have thought that the mechanic had to help the pilot by pushing the throttle levers almost with his feet as they are hard :smiley:
Anyway, PMDG, nice copy of the real one!


That’s one of the best DC-6 videos - thank for sharing!

And yes, the flight engineer running the throttles in the PMDG airplane is absolutely realistic.

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This is a very cool classic video about the „new“ DC-6B in service in United Airlines in the 50´s
I have enjoyed it a lot and it gave me a different way to look at the DC-6 and the aviation in those years.


This is another favorite of mine

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This is an excellent video showing how things were done way back then.

I was doing some research and sadly found out that Flight 608, shown in the movie, was the first fatal DC-6 accident. However, it wasn’t the same aircraft used in the movie according to the registration. I thought airlines “retired” flight numbers of accidents. If the movie was made in 1950, it would have been made AFTER the accident. Why would they show in a promotional movie the same flight number involved in a fatal accident? After the cause of the accident was determined, the entire DC-6 fleet was grounded for several months until they could be updated with the fix.

I suspect the movie was made before the accident and then put on a shelf somewhere until 1950.

FWIW, here is the link to the accident summary: DC-6 Flight 608

i"ve also got a few videos of my own on my page!! worked on the 6 every day for over a year. she’s a beast! Lockjaw 24 - YouTube


All that’s missing is the smoke from the engines
DC-6 Fire exhaust