🩹 The patch everyone was waiting for (Jul 30) has been released! (topic emotion grade: lively, but still civil)

where did I say it works perfectly?
But it isnt unplayable or broken in any regard

If it wasn’t so painful that video would be really funny. :laughing:

Can we stop with the divisive labeling please?


I have mentioned in another post… These are not negative posts, certain grp of users need to stopped seeing any criticism of updates or listing of issues as whinning or complains and"try" to discourage such by using words indirectly and suggesting these users are the problem etc.

Its part of the modern support model that one either use ticketing system ( which may not always give you meaningful or quick responses) or rely in official forums for community self help when they have issue with the product.

For those that have no issue with update, you are really not compelled to read those " negative" post… if it is out of humanity or compasionate to developer, i suggest to donate to them or purchase more digital copies as a support. Else pls see this forum as a tool which is part of price paid and the support option available.


Performance upgrade? Next, how do we achieve 200fps, remove all trees and buildings, a real milestone to be proud of!


Sim is not unplayable for me, but I sympathise with those who can’t get loaded at all or are continually CTD-ing in flight and hopefully the patch will improve this a lot. I’ve completed a couple of more legs of my round the world trip, and you can see my progress/screenshots linked below. Had a couple of CTDs on leg 76 which was annoying (luckily FlightControlReplay to the rescue) and had a fair few long freezes on leg 77 (but see here for a potential workaround: Possible workaround to unfreeze from long freezes)

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You realize that only a minority gets gamepass ONLY to fly in msfs2020? The vast majority just flies less after a while, and a minority probably stops flying entirely, but will most likely continue playing the rest of the many games accessible by gamepass. This wont hurt microsoft in the slightest and they know that perfectly well. After all, before even planning a new sim, you do some calculations regarding that stuff. They’re prepared and know what they want to do with the sim, hence the 10 year frame. Nothing happening now is happening by accident.

They should have done it from launch of the sim tbh, but they are going to make the change and enforce it at some point. Payware will defo want to make this change ebcause they’ll want to access the xbox market where this will be mandatory, so they won’t be an issue. Freeware? Who knows. I think if you are doing it from scratch the overhead probably isn’t too bad. If you’ve got a lot of back catalogue to update, who knows.

oh ok! interesting, so your ground textures at altitude have been perfect? Your LOD distance has been superb and improved and no pop ins at all? oh how about the bush trips been able to enjoy them crash free? NAH!

I fly almost entirely IFR (IRL and in sim).

The visuals don’t bother me because I’m not looking too closely at them. When I’m that close to the ground, both airliner and GA, I’m in a high workload environment that has me paying attention to other things - rate of descent, speed restrictions, ATC instructions, staying ahead of the plane for the approach.

I have no problems. Since released, I’ve had 1 CTD. That’s night and day better than before. The fact that I’m pleased with the update is being overshadowed by the people who are vocal about the visuals.

Yes, they have something to complain about, but I don’t think that it’s true that everyone is displeased with this update. You win some, you lose some. We have a patch coming today, let’s see what future updates bring.

And remember - at the end of the day, we’re a bunch of people on the internet griping about a video game. :upside_down_face:


They’ve said the opposite in all the Q&As so far. They know full well that PCs can run this better than xbox

Which, by the way, xbox doesn’t support - so there are already differences at the edges

I would be happy if it is so.

@wcoesel You are right except for one tiny detail. You said thousands when millions is probably more accurate. We know the PC version has at least 2 million users, and that number has got to be 5-6 months old at this point, and I’d bet money I don’t have that at least 1M+ new users came on board with the Xbox launch.

Now, one of the problems with this “combined platform forum” is that most of the time, you can’t tell what platform someone is having problems with. That, among many other things, is why I think they should have separated things here. As just one small example, I can help a lot of people with a lot of things when it comes to the PC version.

On the other hand, I don’t even know how to turn an Xbox on. I’d bet it’s pretty easy, but having never even so much as laid eyes on one, and having no intention of owning one, all I can do is assume.


Is the hotfix available yet?

No. 15:00 UTC today.

Try this (it works very well and still with SU5)

Wher to dld this hotfix ?

oh yeah its playable, are u enjoying looking at terrible ground textures? are u enjoying watching skyscrapers popping in and the “improved” LOD distance? are u enjoying the rapid temp increases at 37000 feet? the update was no where near a giant leap in development, in fact visual fidelity wise it was a giant leap backwards, so the guy you were replying too, I can relate too, because it is a giant kick in the nads and its isn’t acceptable when people payed money for a product alot of money in fact, to have the product you originally purchased downgraded.

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As others have said - the changes in the hotfix were probably completed after the final release build.

And I expect the final release build date was defined by the need to hit the communicated Xbox launch date of 27 July.

Hopefully, this may mean we avoid this in future releases as there won’t be such a public/media release date to hit.

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