🩹 The patch everyone was waiting for (Jul 30) has been released! (topic emotion grade: lively, but still civil)

Please not again. Do you fly vanilla?

Since the update it has been stripped back with an entirely empty community folder. Sorry if that offends you.

That is to say, we’re all QA Engineer of MS/Asobo, they should give us some bonus for finding bugs. :sweat_smile:

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I truly hope this is not going to be another 63GB patch that’s going to take 24 hours to download again. I honestly dont think my patience could take it…that could very well see the end for me.

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Thanks for clarifying. No offense. Just seen too much ranting from people who were too stubborn to follow the release notes.
In your case it seems to be a core sim issue. Which then means that you might be helped by the patch.

The goal of this is to remind a few of users whom have been going around bashing users for “whining” and to stopped complaining, to pls hold back your assumptions and stopped asking users with issues to stopped “complaining” until the facts are truly out.

In a modern world the support model is usually through ticketing system and official forums for community “self- help”, so having users listing out that issues after a major update like SU5 is inevitable, and as the users are not BOT but human being, a certain level of negative emotion is to be expected.

For users that have no issues whatsoever, you are free to go enjoy your flight and utimately no one is forcing you guys to read the posts. So stopped gg ard and attacking users who are seen as"complaining" by your own standard or " values".

I have got 90% of my issues fixed except the ■■■■■ flight planning and weird routing in the G1000. Will be nice to turn back on the airport traffic, workers and static aircraft. AI cars and boats I can happily do with out… the cars actually annoy the ■■■■ out of me… hahah. Hopefully the hotfix will solve my last few issues… but ■■■■ is it smooth and beautiful when it works… and the popping is so minor it doesn’t distract from the sim for me.

I think this may be related to some sort of lod template for scenery developers, maybe it’ll effect how current third party sceneries display. It’s unclear though from the notes, and I have no idea about scenery creation.

The point that I am making is to stop the uncivilized ranting and the assumptions and put facts and information first. You have no idea how many rants eventually boiled down to third party incompatibility. So I think that, maybe in a surprising way, we actually agree with each other :wink:


It’s a patch, maybe one or two gigabytes maximum

If I checked correctly, HotFix will be available 4pm UK Time ?

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8AM PST, or 1500z same time as last update

I don’t see any mention of Asobo fixing the broken Engine 1 master switch interaction with Thrustmaster Airbus throttle controllers :frowning:

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Do not enable the AI copilot. Try this:

  1. Options > Assistance Options > Piloting > AI RADIO COMMUNICATIONS (ATC) - set to OFF
  2. Options > Assistance Options > User Experience > ATC VOICES - set to OFF
  3. Options > Control Options > Keyboard - Remove all ATC-related keybindings
  4. At next flight, use CUSTOM TOOLBAR on the pull-down menu to remove ATC and FLIGHT ASSISTANT buttons. Need to do this only once.

These don’t remove the ATC processing done by MSFS. These settings will mask the voices and interaction.

The AI Copilot for Communications is the only thing in MSFS changing transponder codes or comm frequencies. If it is disabled, then there might be some external program changing things through SimConnect.

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We can only hope.

Good show. One thing that I might suggest, pure PR, is perhaps to announce earlier that you know there’s a problem, and are working like trojans to fix it, and even if possible give updates on progress (I appreciate this is difficult).

MSFS is horribly complex anyway, and the glue technology and multiple platforms don’t help matters. People will be understanding if mistakes happen.

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I’ve not noticed it being any brighter myself, but I’ve also become a little more aware that my HDR10 is (and always has been, I guess) greyed-out. It got me to wondering if it’s only people with HDR setups that have been seeing this increase in brightness?

Forgive me if I missed something but does today’s hotfix solve the issue of high temperatures on high altitudes ? I can’t gain altitude with FBW A320 at the moment with the live weather.

Cant find anything in the patch notes about the Mouse freezing on screen after a couple minutes in flight, scroll wheel keeps on working just cant move the mouse anymore. Xbox controller remains working too its just the mouse that freezes up. Even tried the dead zone trick of the xbox controller but that didnt fix the mouse issue on xbox either. Hope it gets fixed.

dont speak for others, yes there are issues but this update was another giant leap in terms of development. Well done Asobo and dont get discouraged by these ragekids on the forums every single update, the majority of us are happy and are enjoying the update and new stuff we received for FREE.