The personal ability to remove bad developers from my marketplace

What I want is some way to exclude developers from the marketplace that I see on my machine. If ‘quality control’ is to be left up to me then provide me the tools to only see products from developers that I choose to see.
This can be accomplished by a simple addition to the list of developers that allows me to make certain developers (and therefore their subpar products) hidden to me on my machine. As it is now I can see all developers or just one developer. Add a ‘hide from view’ checkbox that takes a developer off of the list. That is my wish.

+1 from me and already voted!

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Absolutely. I am so fed up of having to scroll through tons of products I just don’t care for, such as the night light which is probably not far off half the Xbox marketplace at this point. Never mind just seeing the same products from developers known to steal code/people’s work or just release products that work for a few update before break to never be fixed and/or are not even half as good as some freeware.

It actually stops me looking at the store other than if buying somethings saw in weekly dev update so if this was implemented I’d be more inclined to actually browse and therfore buy. I suspect I’m not alone in that either.

Spot on. Voted

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