The principle of marginal gains

I thought it might be interesting to start a thread that condenses all the small things that irritate in the game though are not big enough to impact on the actual game play itself. These could be viewed as quality of life issues that while individually insignificant could make a huge difference to enjoyment if addressed as a whole.I’ll start.

ATC constantly bugging you to expedite your climb when you’re already at the assigned altitude. Actually, this could be viewed as more than a quality of life issue as it sometimes also impacts on ATC’s later instructions to climb to the next flight level. Still, fundamentally really just an irritation as who listens to ATCs instructions anyway.


The mouse pointer periodically disappearing off the screen requiring you to ESC out and resume. Irritating.


While I like the concept of this sort of post, I don’t think the ATC is really one of them. It’s a confirmed bug that should be fixed with the next world update.

Maybe the random thunder and lightning in otherwise clear conditions. Or takeoffs and landings not being clear on how they register…I can’t think of more but there are surely lots of them. Not bugs per se, but rather things that bug the user :smiley:

Also I don’t think the title really makes sense in the context of the post

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I know it’s on the list of things to address but let’s be honest, it’s been there to a greater or lesser degree for months.

Tooltips. Disable them and you no longer have any way to gauge degrees of trim to set for takeoff. Leave them enabled and OMG.


that’s more like it

Maybe try put these into your main post to summarise it.

Airport names in world view completely masking your ability to see SIDs and STARs


Having to constantly set up the filters on the world map

Also aircraft configuration reverting to a default, even just between flights


Having to zoom in and pan ridiculously when looking to cache high detail in the manual cache. Just let us set a detail level and be able to zoom out a bit - if need be put some restriction in zooming out to ensure the area is manageable, but the current pan-fest is ridiculous


The inability to move camera origin forward/backward in external view. Zoom making long planes like the CRJ look bent like banana.

Near constant lighting and thunder in all types of clouds when live weather is enabled.

Inability to disable broken or unrealistic features like lightning with a simple flag (icing has received a toggle but only after a much too long deliberation process)

Inability to use standard keyboard commands like ESC to quickly navigate. Plethora of screens that pause and wait to be skipped, greatly subtracting from the time spent flying and increasing time spent waiting = very bad UI design.

Inreadibly sluggish menus, also indicating bad design. For example when you select a different livery in the menu it can takes second to respond and it feels like the entire data is parsed to get a few variables. This being like, if you need to add 2 numbers you dont boot up Windows every time and run Calc and the shut down windows. You just use a pocket calculator.

Yeah, filters and history are broken in World view. It worked last year, but some update along the way broke it.

Also, automatic pop-ups that ruin immersion should all be disabled:

  • Disconnected, switching to offline mode
  • Engine shutdown pop-up

Any in-game pop-up should only be brought up by user action (ESC key or moving the mouse to the toolbar spot) or setup in assistance (allow notifications / block all notifications would be a great addition).

the white horizontal bar on top of the screen…

  • ESC no longer resumes the flight when you are in the menu
  • The white dot at the center of the screen shows even if the cockpit control is set to legacy
  • Taxiway ribbon and descent path aid are not separate assist elements
  • Taxiway ribbon is too big even for airliners (I know there is a mod but it modifies the core files)
  • Close traffic is called too late (3-4 miles distance) and by the time the ATC message is received, the other aircraft is no longer at xx o’clock
  • Too many lightning bolts and rainbows
  • When ATC communications are delegated to co-pilot, selecting the approach to the destination airport results in co-pilot asking for a “destination change” to the same airport and ATC assigning new squawk code, vector and altitude
  • Drone speed setting does not stick and is always reset to 4%
  • Pilot’s legs and co-pilot not visible from cockpit view (but visible from outside… why?)

QOL improvements:

  • Key bind to show/hide HUD
  • Key bind to show/hide Taxi Ribbon or just a destination marker
  • Key binds to sho/hide poi markers
  • Key bind to show/hide name tags (multiplayer)
  • Allow drone cam to be directed with the mouse like external view
  • Fix drone exposure (no longer working on PC since SU5)
  • Brightness/gamma calibration option, too bright mid day

Flight assistant will taxi, takeoff and fly you to your airport 99% of the time… but you will have a 50% chance of dying on approach and landing! :joy:

It is easy to remove the SU5. Very easy.
But they wont, they will the mix of PC and Xbox, so there wont be an fix of these massiv graphics downgrade.
Thats the truth. A simple truth. A ugly truth.

No being able to set a default start configuration (parked Vs lined up).

Not being able to set a proper custom start location

Not having parking spots in properly numbered and fully visible in the drop down and ordered in a logical manner.

Not adequately explaining the function of an input in the control settings.

Being able to rename, delete or copy a custom control profile.

  1. When you scroll the airplanes list and the plane Icons just drawing as you scroll down. Why can’t it all be pre loaded.

  2. Weather radar colors are off. The green is very dim and the yellow is looks like orange, red is also very dim and off. Just look at actual colors and copy them into the sim.

  3. Save location only without loosing live weather.

You probably changed the UI scale like me, on standard scale it’s not a problem. Probably that’s why they will never fix it because they simply don’t see it. Most people run the default huge UI.

Another one: The drone cam rolls slowly to the left when moving forward. It’s a new bug since SU5 but another one they will probably not fix anytime soon.

Yes to this. Infact, just a keybind for everything and anything that can be chosen as an option. Anything that will get rid of half the junk/clutter that even a newbie like me doesn’t need or want to see.

Speaking as a newb, could we lose the shadows from the landing pattern guide markers? I’m already slightly embarrassed that I still need them, but casting vast shadows across the landscape must make me very unpopular with the locals when I fly over :upside_down_face:

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