The Redeemer Statue sinks up to His chest!

Went on a sightseeing tour over Rio today. Sigh.
PS Why is the word “C-H-R-I-S-T” censored?

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Cos some people use it as a swear word, and others take it as blasphemy.

Silly censoring in the context you have outlined though. I had no idea the word “■■■■■■” was censored. In this case it’s a legitimate word within this frame of reference.

Disappointed me as well! Was looking forward to that sight seeing flight

Mountain J.e.s.u.s has been buried like that for months. This is nothing new.

It was new to me.

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I first saw this back in October. Went back in early December and it was still the same. Haven’t been back to see it since. This shows they haven’t fixed it yet.

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I buzzed him months ago and he was fine then.

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Zen Ticket…

Unfortunately, the censor system cannot take context into account.

@runningjudge I am going to move this topic to Bugs and Issues - Scenery. I recommend you file a bug report on Zendesk. I have also edited your topic title to make it a bit cleaner, and get around the cencored word issue.

Yes, he was fine in November for me but was trapped inside the rock in January.

He sometimes jumps up and is no longer buried. I have seen both half buried and then fully out of the ground all in the same flight. Try flying around and right up to it… suddenly… boom, he pops up. The mountain he sits on pops up (changes elevation when you get within a certain distance) at a different rate to the POI itself it seems. Something to do with mismatched LODs I guess.

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