The SDK is showing me three of every object when selecting. How do I stop this?

There are more than enough items to wade through, I don’t need to see three of them. Is there an easy setting to bring it back to one?

Resetting devmode does nothing to stop this.

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It’s been showing two of each for me after the first patch. SDK version doesn’t matter. Neither does uninstalling/reinstalling the SDK.

I can find no duplicate installs, and a search of the registry showed nothing obvious.

I’ve submitted a zendesk bug, and included a screenshot.

If a suggestion is installing the whole sim from scratch, yeah right.

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I have another computer with it installed that doesn’t have this problem which has been upgraded just as many times and used just as much.

I assume there’s something straightforward ish going on. I’d love to know what.

Any luck? I’ve dug around in the AppData folder, but no joy.

Nope. I’m waiting for the next expansion to four items. Should be fun.